Monday, July 24, 2017

Bleary Eyed Monday

It was a bit crazy last night – the dog met a skunk at 10 PM, so I de-skunked and bathed her, then took a shower. We were in bed by about 10:30, so not too bad. Then about 11:30 PM the thunder and lightning hit, and we had a wonderfully loud storm for a couple of hours; but the rain was welcome in our garden, and to wash away the skunk spray in the backyard. So, today’s agenda may include a nap!

On to a new week…

I finished up the top for Merrily last week…

…so that is on the “to quilt” list now. I may try to get the backing pieced for it later this week. I have lots of fabric scraps leftover from the kit, so I am planning on piecing them, then adding a larger piece of coordinating fabric that I bought to make the back big enough.

This week I will continue to “stitch in the ditch” on the neutral Gypsy Wife…

As you can see, there are A LOT of seams and this is taking quite some time to accomplish. The more I do of the ditch stitching, the more I think I may just leave it at that. I have some variegated thread that I was going to use to do decorative quilting, but after thinking about it, I think more quilting would take away from some of the fabric motifs that I fussy cut to put in some of the blocks. I really think I am leaning towards just the ditch quilting. This is to hang on the wall in the living room, so it will lay nice and flat with all the ditching, and we will actually be able to see the blocks and fabrics. Can you tell that I’m trying to talk myself into this! Regardless of what I eventually decide, this week the Gypsy Wife is my top priority in the sewing room.

I will probably also get some fabric ready for some quilt blocks for our guild’s charity quilts, and I am continuing to make sunflowers for the crochet afghan…

I am down to only having to make 20 more sunflowers (I have 31 done!) I have guild Bee tomorrow, so I will take my crochet and hopefully finish up a couple of more sunflowers.

That’s busy enough for this last full week in July. Hard to believe, but some schools are going back today, and many more will start back next week. Summer activities are waning here, and we are even supposed to have some cooler temperatures by the weekend (good-bye 90s!)

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Oh, wow -- back to school ALREADY?! We still have 5 weeks of "vacation" left (not much of a vacation for the parents trying to work from home while kids are bickering and raising hell!). Your Gypsy Wife and Merrily quilts look beautiful! Are you ditch quilting by hand or by machine?

  2. Love your quilts! So different and both so interesting. Seems like our kids just got out of school about a month ago!