Monday, May 1, 2017

The Merry Month of May

We are in a fresh new month and I have plenty I want to accomplish, but first…let’s see what I accomplished in April.

My last finish of April was yesterday afternoon, when I put the final stitches in the Autumn’s Call embroidery…

I really like this pattern and I’m glad I have it done. I think I can probably get around to finishing this into a wall hanging by the fall.

A few small projects I completed were a crochet scarf to finish up a skein of yarn…

Some Kittens blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge…

(I'm not at all happy with the middle cat, but I'll hang on to him for now.)

And 36 blocks for Quilts of Valor…

My big finishes were completing a snowflake table topper for donation to the Small Quilts Sale at our guild quilt show next month…

I completed the Orange and (Black &) White quilt…

And this past week I added the borders and completed the top for the Jol quilt…

I’m so excited to have this one ready to quilt! This was my UFO for April as well, so I made progress on it!

So, on to May…

I did not participate in the One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts last month, but I’m going to jump back in for May by setting the goal of completing the quilting and binding on Jol.  I will get the backing pieced today and load it on the long arm, then when I get the batting in a couple of days I can get the rest loaded and get started. It would be nice to have it quilted by the weekend.

I also plan to start quilting the Gypsy Wife quilt this month.

I don’t know that I will get it done, but I hope to make a lot of progress. I should be able to get it basted one day this week, then I will start quilting on my domestic machine.

I will also play along with the UFO’s over at Patchwork Times. Judy selected #11 for May, which on my list is the Folk Art Cats quilt…

I got this pattern as a birthday gift a few years ago and I had fun when I started it, then it kind of faded away. I just looked through the project box and realized that I am working on the sixth (of twelve) blocks, so I will see if I can get more completed this month. Even though I have only completed one of the UFOs from my list this year (The Vintage Kitchen), I have found that pulling them out has been fun and I have continued to work on them after “their month.” We will see how far I get with the Cats in May.

Since I finished Autumn’s Call, I can finally get started on the Snowman Collector. My first block to work on is this little tree…

I decided to start small. This is about 7x4 inches, so I should be able to get it done pretty quickly. Then I can color and prepare for another block. I am looking forward to this project too.

I have decided to also start on a new quilting project this month. I have had the Purrfectly Pieced Quilt Kit for quite a while. Here it is from its project box…

Still in the wrapping and everything, including the backing, thread, and embellishments. So, I think I will get started on this one. My plan is to do all fusible applique, so maybe it won’t take forever. This should be fun.

That’s about it. I will continue to work on the 365 Challenge and Quilty365, though I have not made much progress on those lately. I also plan on making some more Kittens blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I need to wait to see what color is selected for May. I’m also working on this crochet pattern for a gift…

So far, this is going easily and I hope to finish up the brown circles in the next couple of weeks. I’m sure other things will come up and I will add to my list too!

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  1. So I was going to tell you how wonderful everything looked (which it does) but was stopped open mouthed at that sunflower I wish I could crochet :)

  2. Congrats on your April finishes and progress! I love the orange and black quilt! The kitty blocks are so cute...even the one in the middle. He's got personality!

  3. You have a lot going on and all your projects are looking good. But oh my goodness, that sunflower afghan looks amazing! I'm just learning to crochet, but I don't think I'd ever be able to make something that amazing! Good luck on the quilting for you OMGoal!

  4. Very worthy and beautiful goals accomplished last month with even more worthy goals ahead in May. I love your One Monthly Goal for May. It is gorgeous!

  5. Lovely finishes! I particularly love the snowflakes and the orange, black and white quilt. Good luck for your May goals!

  6. Great quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  7. Wow that's a lot of projects! That Gypsy Wife quilt in neutrals is gorgeous!

  8. Lots of good stuff for May. It's great to see both the Jol and the Gypsy Wife ready to quilt. You've been hard at work!

  9. Congrats on all the progress in April. Good luck with all your plans for May. Looking forward to seeing Jol and Gypsy Wife completed.