Saturday, April 8, 2017

RSC – April Kitten Blocks

I spent a little time this week working on the Kittens blocks for this year’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I finally made the second red Kitten…

This one has yellow eyes. I wanted to try it, because I plan to make a calico kitten at some point with yellow eyes in honor of our miss kitty…

Here is what the red Kitten block looked like when I finished it, with just the yellow eyes and no pupils…

Ummm…a little different. So, I just fused some black pupils to the yellow eyes to tone it down a little. I think it turned out just fine.

I also made two multi-color Kittens blocks for April. The first one I made turned out just fine and I’m pleased with it…

I’ve had this multi-color polka dot-ish fabric for quite a while and have been looking to use it in a project. This seemed to fit just fine.

The second multi-color Kittens block didn’t turn out so well…

Ugh. I really like this polka dot fabric, but I really don’t like this block. It looks like a rabbit. And I figured a pink nose would work better than black with this white “fur”, but no. It kind of gets lost in there. Also, there are five different block patterns in this quilt, and this particular face pattern is my least favorite, so I think that contributes to it. I am planning on trying this face pattern once more with light orange and cream colored fabrics, so hopefully that will look a bit better. I think I would prefer less contrast in the fur fabric on this block. I’m keeping it in the mix right now. It can always go on the back when the time comes to put the top together.

So now I have 9 blocks done for the Kittens quilt top…

I want to have a pretty even mix of facial patterns, so I will probably keep them sorted this way.

That’s it from here. We are having our (hopefully!) last cold weekend this spring. I’m ready to get into the garden! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Linking up with Angela at So Scrappy for the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


  1. Way to work in those multi-colored fabrics. They fit perfectly!

  2. Oh, this kitten quilt is to die for! I’ve seen the pattern before and agree with you about your least favorite facial pattern. Why not skip it altogether and just do the other four patterns? (that what I, the rebel, would do). But really, you can’t go wrong with such cuteness! Have a great week.

  3. I need to apologize first off and hope you won't be angry, but that second kitty appears to be wearing something on his first I thought a helmet, but then the giggles kicked in and I realized he's got a pair of undies on his head! Silly kitty has been playing in the laundry basket...or perhaps snuggling unto the fresh-out-of-the-dryer white load before mom can fold it? Such a cute pattern! I love all the kitties!

  4. They are the cutest bunch of kitties. I'll take a pair, please. I don't understand the last one with the white bandage on its head. It probably depends on the colors. Keep up the good work!

  5. I like the yellow-eyed kitty. Adding pupils was a good call. Looked a little scary beforehand!!

  6. It might be interesting, if you have the fabric to do it, to make one of those kittens with a dark patch around one eye using that polka dot for that patch, or the patch and the ear on that side. Adding the pupil to your red kitten was a big improvement!

  7. I like your cute kitty with the headband on. By itself, it isn't so appealing, but as a part of a group, it adds whimsy to the quilt.