Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing…Underneath

The Project Quilting Challenge for this week is “Well-Dressed Man.” I had an idea pop into my head and I had everything planned out in about 30 seconds. I love it when that happens.

Last fall, we had a flood in our laundry room while we were out of town. What a mess! We were able to get everything fixed up and now it looks brand new. I had wall paper on the walls in there before the flood, and after some drywall repair we decided paint was the way to go. However, it left a long empty wall. I decided I wanted to make some laundry room themed wall hangings to put in there. One thing I kept thinking about was a wall hanging with a clothesline with quilts hanging to dry.

When the theme of Challenge 8.5 was announced, I thought of men’s clothing, then I thought of my clothesline idea, then I thought of men’s boxers hanging on the clothesline to dry. I know, weird. But that’s how ideas pop into my head sometimes. So, I got started…

First, I got the background put together…

Then I decided the clothesline needed to hang from something, so I fused a couple of trees onto the background…

I quilted and trimmed the piece…

I then added some string for the clothesline and stitched it down to the trees, then attached the binding…

Here is the backing fabric after the binding was done…

I think the binding works well with this. It’s a medium blue with a white pin dot and blends right in, especially on the back (though you rarely see the back!).

I made some boxer shorts to hang on the line…

These are 3-D boxers and will hang loose on the clothesline.

I added some bows to keep the clothesline tied to the trees, and added clothespins to hold the laundry, and ta-da!

“What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing…Underneath” is now hanging up in my laundry room! This little wall hanging measures about 10 by 16 inches.

This was a fun little wall hanging to make. I love that these are quick projects and can be done from start to finish in short order.

I will be linking up at Persimon Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge 8.5. Head over to see what everyone has made this week!


  1. This is such a great project! You've got an amazing talent to think up such great ideas and still keep them on a scale that's manageable in the timeline. :)

  2. Love your whimsy and I'm sure you will enjoy this laundry decor for a long time!

  3. great idea and great execution! This is fantastic!