Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eight is Gr8

The first Project Quilting Challenge of the year at Persimon Dreams was released on January 1. I spent a couple of days trying to decide if I was going to join in the fun, and finally relented and started a project.

The theme for the first challenge is 8 is Great. Every time I see the number 8, I think of Sk8 Gr8 (skate great). Here in Knoxville, TN, we may not be the mecca of ice skating, but we have a really great community of skaters (and three permanent ice rinks within an hour of us!) My daughter started figure skating at the age of 12, and it quickly became a major part of our daily lives. It has helped her grow so much and we have met wonderful people during her skating journey. She is grown up now and a skating coach, and still loves skating…when she can find the time!

Sk8 Gr8 is a common slogan of encouragement among the skaters, so when I saw the theme I knew I wanted to make a skating project. I searched through some old “Teachers’ Friend” books and found this little skater girl…

So cute! I knew I had some blue fabric that would be great for the ice, and I also have a few yards of this fabric that has been on my shelf for too many years…

I used the book pattern to cut out some fusible applique, and then fused the skater girl into place…

I then stitched her down when I quilted the project, and added some skate blades and some skating lines into the “ice”. She even did a figure-eight!

Here is the skater all done…

Done! Yay! Her final measurements are 6” x 10” – great for a snack mat or a small wall hanging. A quick and fun project and the first finish of the year. A nice way to kick off January.

I will be linking up over at Persimon Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge 1. I hope you head on over to see the projects everyone has come up with this week. 


  1. This is beyond adorable! LOVE what you've done. Thanks for joining in the challenge! It's so fun seeing that one simple challenge inspires so many people in different ways!

  2. Too cute! Figure 8...another clever one!

  3. This is so cute! How neat for the connection with Sk8 Gr8!