Monday, November 14, 2016

A New Week Ahead

I’m excited to get on with this week. By the end of the week my laundry room should be all done! Yay! Not bad for just a couple of weeks’ work. I so appreciate having the laundry facilities available when I need them…something I don’t think about much until I don’t have it! So on with this week!

I’ve been a little busy already this morning. I have hamburger buns rising right now, and I have cleaned the sprouts that have been on the counter for the past several days. We also temporarily hooked up the washer and dryer last night so I can get some loads of laundry done today. I still hope to get some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies made after lunch, then it will be a nice dinner of salmon, rice, and asparagus…yum! I also plan to spend a little time in the sewing room today.

Over the weekend I decided to start working on a Christmas quilt that I had planned on making this year. During the local quilt shop Shop Hop this past June, I picked up a layer cake and a charm pack from Moda’s Christmas Gatherings – Primitive Gatherings fabric line. You can see the colors in the link here, but they are pretty burgundies, greens, golds, and creams. They are holiday fabrics, but they are not the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, so I plan on having this quilt out all winter.

One of the shops in the Shop Hop had a sample of a quilt made using a layer cake and a charm pack, and it looked quick and easy and something I thought I could handle. Here is a sample of the blocks in the quilt…

I sorted out the fabrics and paired up the charm pack and layer cake fabrics. I folded the larger square in half horizontally and vertically and creased it, then lined up and pinned the smaller squares with the crease lines.

Then I raw applique stitched the smaller squares onto the larger squares.

You can see the stitching a little better from the back side of this square.

I only have 5 stitched so far, so I hope to get the other 37 done today. Then, from the backside of the larger square I will cut out the fabric behind the smaller square. You then take that cut out piece and create the circle to then applique onto another block. I like using up all the fabric! I will probably save the cutting for tomorrow’s Guild Bee, since I need hand work for that. I may also take a couple of blocks from Bird Dance to stitch if I have time. I have 4 hours to fill at Bee!

So that’s what I will work on today. The rest of this week I will probably do more work on Suki’s adventures in camping. I’m pretty much done with deadline stuff so for the rest of 2016 (all seven weeks of it!) I will probably mostly dabble in my sewing room and maybe clean it up a bit. Other than Suki’s project, nothing else needs to be done before Christmas, so I can play a bit!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. I will be linking up with Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making and Cooking Up Quilts for Main Crush Monday. Head over for some great projects.

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  1. You're making a great start! It look like it will be a very pretty quilt.