Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Jol

According to an online dictionary, Jol means to party or have a good time. Well, I’m having a good time with the Moda Jol fabric line charm pack/jelly roll quilt I’m working on. Here it is on my design wall, with all of the blocks put together…

And here is a close up of some of the blocks…

There’s nothing special about the blocks, but I like the fabric patterns and colors for a new holiday quilt. I’m trying to figure out a border for it – it desperately needs one. At the moment it is a small lap quilt, but I want it to be a bit bigger. I’m leaning towards a checkerboard border with alternate white blocks and the darker fabrics from the jelly roll. I may put a white smaller inner border around the blocks first. I have set some 2-1/2 inch squares next to the top simulating a checkerboard border, and it seems a bit busy. I think the white inner border may give it a little space to feel less busy. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.

For today, I need to spend some time with the Gypsy Wife. I have the sections for the batik version completed, but I need to work on Section 6 for the neutral version for our class on Saturday. If I work hard enough at it, I should be able to get the blocks finished today (there are a lot of them in this section!), and then put Section 6 together tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow is quilting bee day, so that takes up most of Tuesday, so I may not get it completed tomorrow.

I’m ready to get going on a new week – I hope you have a great one!

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  1. Love your new holiday quilt! I think you're right about a small white border before the checkerboard one - it will look so good!