Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The End of September

I know that September still has a couple of more days, but it’s close enough. It’s starting to cool off here this week. I think we have finally seen the last of the 90s here. The next couple of days will be highs in the 60s, so it should feel like fall…finally! Saturday will be our big yard sale and it should be a lovely sunny day and 75, plus (hopefully) we’ll get rid of some of our stuff. The rest will be at the thrift store by next week. None of it will come back in the house!

In September I’ve done a bit of everything. For handwork I have continued working on my cats needlepoint project, and I have made a bit of progress. I am basically down to the space between the cats and the flame in the fireplace…

I also started on a crochet poncho for the trailer. I figured that might be nice in the evenings when we sit outside. Usually we take quilts or blankets outside when it’s cool enough. We still have a couple of camping trips planned for this fall, so I hope to get it done quickly.

I also finally started stitching the birds to the backgrounds on my Sue Spargo Bird Dance project. I am working on this at Tuesday quilting bee, so it will be a long term project. So far I have 2 birds stitched down…

I also made some progress on my Gypsy Wife quilts. The top for the batik version is done and I hope to start quilting it next week…

I still need to finish the last section on the neutral version, and I hope to get that completed in early October.

I also got blocks put together for a new Christmas quilt…

I still have a border to put on this, but hopefully I can get the top completed and get this quilted in time for the holidays.

I also put together the Witches Hooray table runner and got it quilted…

I have some black strips to use as binding and I hope to get that attached in the next couple of days so I can take it to hand stitch down the binding next week at Tuesday bee. This will actually be a wall hanging when it’s done.

For my scraps, I was hoping to get more twosies put together, then start on making 4-patches. I have several 4-patches finally done now…

This is a leader/ender project, so I only work on it when I’m piecing. Today I’m working on some strip piecing for some charity quilts for our guild, so I’ll be able to put some more of these together. I found this light fabric on my shelves…

…and thought I could use that for alternate solid blocks in this scrappy 4-patch project, but now I’m thinking a navy blue might be better. I’ll have to look and see what solids I have stashed away, because I really don’t want to buy any fabric for this. I may go ahead and use this light fabric because it’s been on my shelf about 15-20 years, and it is high time it fulfills its purpose in life. I have a long way to go on this project, so I have some time to figure that out.

For October, I plan on continuing with the 4-patches; I need to get the binding on Witches Hooray; I want to quilt the batik Gypsy Wife and finish the top for the neutral version; I need to finish a (secret) Christmas gift; I have more charity quilt blocks to work on; I want to finish the poncho and the cats needlepoint; and I hope to start on another quilting project that will be a Christmas gift. Phew! That sounds like a lot of work. We’ll see what can get done.

I will be linking up today with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I hope you stop by and see the wonderful projects everyone is working on.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Change in Plans

After watching the weather forecast this morning, we decided to postpone our yard sale until next weekend for a few reasons. First, 75 degrees and sunny next Saturday sounds a whole lot better to me than 91 degrees and sunny tomorrow. Second, a lot of surrounding neighborhoods are having their annual yard sale days next Saturday, so there should be plenty of people driving around. And finally, there is no home game next weekend for the UT Vols, so there will be plenty of people out and about, rather than at the game. So, that just means I can spend some time today quilting rather than prepping for a yard sale. Yay!

Yesterday I finished up the borders on the Witches Hooray table runner, so now it’s ready to quilt…

That’s what I plan to do today. As you can tell, I added some hot fix crystals and nail heads already, so I will be quilting around those. I still need to attach the bodies to the spiders, but the crystals won’t get here until tomorrow, so that will wait until I’m done with the quilting. My goal is to get this quilted and the binding attached by the time I head out to the Tuesday quilting bee, so I can hand stitch the binding down at bee. We shall see what I get accomplished.

This weekend (instead of the yard sale) we have decided to finish painting the living room – we still have the one wall with the windows. In the morning I’ll have to help get the curtains and blinds down. Then we can pick up some new ones next week – yay! After 17 years, they are in need of a change (or I am!) Once that is done, all of the main living spaces will have been painted, leaving just the bedrooms and kitchen. The kitchen is due for a major remodel, so that won’t be happening until at least next year. But maybe we can still get a couple of the bedrooms painted this fall.

This Sunday afternoon is also our guild Sit & Sew for Ronald McDonald House Quilts. We will be doing some cutting and kitting up of fabric for an event in November, so hopefully we can get a lot done. I’ll have a new blade in my rotary cutter ready to go!

For now, I will be linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! Head over to see what everyone has been up to this week…and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Needle and Thread Thursday

There is just a little bit of sewing going on around here these days. I decided to try to finish up some small projects so I can feel like I have accomplished something! First on the list is the Witches Hooray table runner that I started earlier this year.  It includes an embroidered center, and I finished that up in June. Here is the center panel…

This week I have been able to add the inner borders and get the blocks for the pieced border done…

I also played around with some hot-fix crystals on it - probably a bit too much bling, but I had fun! I will trim up the last several quarter-square triangle blocks today, then get to piecing the border. When I get that done I will add another light colored border, then it will be ready to quilt. If I work hard at it, I may get it done and ready to hang on the wall in time for October next weekend.

That’s about all of the sewing going on here. Today I will work on the witches, then we will be head-first into the yard sale on Saturday. Tomorrow will be hauling stuff out to the garage, pricing some things, and looking for those last minute items to get rid of! It will be a hot one Saturday, and there’s a UT home game in the afternoon, so fingers crossed that plenty of people come by the sale. Whatever is left will be hauled over to the thrift store. I’m so looking forward to all of these “things” being out of the house!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and a great weekend. I probably won’t be back until the weekend is over, but in the meantime I will be linking up at Needle and Thread Thursday over at My Quilt Infatuation. Head over for some great projects!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Flimsy Finish for Friday

Let’s start off with a nice alliteration this morning. But I do have a flimsy finished…

This is the completed top for my batik version of the Gypsy Wife quilt. I still have to trim up some strips on the bottom, but it is ready to quilt. I have a class for this tomorrow, then our last class is next month. I hope to get some walking foot quilting done on it before that last class. I think I will use a serpentine stitch on my machine to quilt down the seams of all of the background strips, then I will Free-Motion Quilt the various blocks. I’m not sure what I will put in the blocks, but I suspect I will make it up as I go along. I’m so happy to have this top done and I am pleased with how it turned out. There will be no border on this one, so what you see is what you get.

As for the neutral version of the Gypsy Wife, I am all caught up for my class tomorrow on that one…

Here it is with all of the completed sections so far. All that remains is Section 10, which goes in the bottom left corner. The entire right side of the top is sewn together, and the top left is together. Once Section 10 is done I will sew it to the top left, then I will sew the two sides together and the top will be done. I do plan on adding a border to this one, but I should be able to complete all of the sections by the October class. This probably won’t get done until closer to the end of the year. I’m really pleased with this top as well.

That’s about it from here this week. I have done a little bit of needlepoint and crochet this week, but nothing much. I’ll probably talk more about the needlepoint on Sunday. For today, I hope to finish quilting a charity quilt for Ronald McDonald House, and probably do some cleaning and garage sale prep. Hopefully the weather will be nice next Saturday and we can have the sale and unload some of our stuff.  For now, I will be linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! Head over for some great projects!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Jol

According to an online dictionary, Jol means to party or have a good time. Well, I’m having a good time with the Moda Jol fabric line charm pack/jelly roll quilt I’m working on. Here it is on my design wall, with all of the blocks put together…

And here is a close up of some of the blocks…

There’s nothing special about the blocks, but I like the fabric patterns and colors for a new holiday quilt. I’m trying to figure out a border for it – it desperately needs one. At the moment it is a small lap quilt, but I want it to be a bit bigger. I’m leaning towards a checkerboard border with alternate white blocks and the darker fabrics from the jelly roll. I may put a white smaller inner border around the blocks first. I have set some 2-1/2 inch squares next to the top simulating a checkerboard border, and it seems a bit busy. I think the white inner border may give it a little space to feel less busy. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.

For today, I need to spend some time with the Gypsy Wife. I have the sections for the batik version completed, but I need to work on Section 6 for the neutral version for our class on Saturday. If I work hard enough at it, I should be able to get the blocks finished today (there are a lot of them in this section!), and then put Section 6 together tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow is quilting bee day, so that takes up most of Tuesday, so I may not get it completed tomorrow.

I’m ready to get going on a new week – I hope you have a great one!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Finishes

It’s been a while, but I actually got something done in the little time I spent in the sewing room the past week or so. I was able to finish the 42 blocks from the Moda Jol fabric line charm pack and jelly roll…

I’m not sure if this is the layout I will end up with, but it’s close.  I have some jelly roll fabric left along with a white jelly roll, so I plan on sewing those strips together and making a border with 2-1/2 inch blocks, alternating the white with the patterned fabric. Hopefully it will turn out OK. I will probably start on that next week.

I was able to get a little hand stitching done the past couple of weeks as well. Earlier this year I had pieced some background fabric for the blocks for Bird Dance by Sue Spargo.

For the last two weeks I have been able to make it to the weekly quilting bee for our guild and I decided stitching the birds onto the background would be a good portable project for this, so I have two done now…

I am part way through a third one and then I have three more birds cut out and ready to stitch. Going to the bee will give me the opportunity to get this project done a little more quickly. It would probably just languish in its project box otherwise!

That’s it from here for now. I will be linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! I hope you head over to see what wonderful projects have been created this week, and have a great weekend!