Monday, August 8, 2016

Gypsy Wife Monday

Here is what’s on my design wall today…

On the far right are the completed sections of the batik Gypsy Wife BOM (7 so far). On the left are the blocks remaining to put into the final two sections of the quilt top. These last two sections will go along the bottom. I’m thankful to have a nice big wall to have two design wall sheets put up, because I tend to spread out with my projects!

Over the weekend I started putting together Section 6 of this quilt. It contains the blocks in the middle of the design wall and will go in the bottom center of the top. I hope to finish this section up today, then I will try to finish up the two Thanksgiving table toppers this week. Here is one…

By next week I hope to get the neutral version of Gypsy Wife caught up, so it will be ready to take to class in a couple of weeks. Here is where the neutral Gypsy Wife is…

I really like how these two quilts are turning out. Also, taking the monthly class has made me keep up with it and not set it aside half-done. I have plenty of those half-done projects hanging around!

That’s about it from here today. I’m ready to get sewing, and then I hope to do some cleaning/de-cluttering this afternoon. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. The all-neutral GW is wonderful! That pattern keeps calling to me . . .

  2. Both of your quilts are gorgeous, but "neutral gypsy wife" seems like an oxymoron... It should be Neutral WASP Wife. Hee hee...

    I was just contemplating the Moda Modern Quilt Blocks quilt yesterday, liking the look of a sampler combining blocks of all different sizes, and now I'm realizing that the Gypsy Wife quilt is the same way. I like how these quilts seem to be random, yet they require very careful planning. After all, in a quilt with 86 same-size blocks, you can rearrange them if you get them up on your wall and you realize you have too much yellow in one area or something like that. With blocks that are all different sizes, you really need to PLAN!

  3. Wow, your design wall is wonderfully large! Your blocks are looking fantastic!

  4. Lots of fun and colorful blocks up on your design wall. The neutrals in your Gypsy Wife are a very nice contrast to all the color.

  5. Half finished projects... the story of my life. Well done on making such good progress. And LOVE the super huge design wall. Some things can never be large enough...