Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gypsy Wife is Almost Done

At least the batik version of GW is almost done.

First, I had to fix a problem. I needed to fix this little section…

I pulled out the bad, then re-made the strip set and put it in. Now it’s much better…

Then I sat down yesterday and put together what I had completed on the batik GW…

(please pardon the angle of the photo – I’m shooting around packing boxes!)

Nine of ten sections done! The top left can’t be attached to the right side of the quilt until I complete the final (bottom left) section. I’ll attach the top left to the bottom left (when done) and then I can put it all together! I already have the blocks done and the strips cut for the last section, so I probably won’t be able to contain myself and I’m pretty certain I will finish this top before the weekend (if everything goes as planned!) I’m pretty excited about it!

Other than that, I cut some 10” squares from Halloween fabric for a future project, and I was able to spend some time on the needlepoint cats. I’m slowly getting that project done.

I have some errands to take care of today, so I will decide what I will work on when I get home from my “running around.” Have a terrific Tuesday!

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