Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to Sewing

I was able to get back in the sewing room and actually make something this morning. I made another flannel pillowcase for my daughter before she heads to the northeast. I used this tutorial from Strawberry Patches for making the pillowcase. I love this pattern because it is quick and easy, and it makes a lovely pillowcase. If I would stay put at my sewing machine, I think it would take me about 45 minutes to put one together. However, I tend to wander sometimes, so this took me a bit over an hour this morning.

I started off cutting my skating flannel fabric…

I love this fabric. I bought a few yards of it several years ago when I was having a very hard time finding flannel fabric with skates on it. About a month or so after my first purchase (and searching high and low for more skate fabric) I found an entire bolt at Joann’s, so I bought it…yes, 8 yards. So I have quite a bit of this fabric now. And wouldn’t you know that now I’m starting to find more and more flannels with skates on them. Well, I love this fabric, so that’s fine. I plan on using it up (at some point!) The black accent fabric is left over from the backing of a quilt I made a while back as well. I also found a lovely bright pink fabric that I plan to use with subsequent pillowcases.

So any whoo…this isn’t a hard pattern, but you do sew the largest piece of fabric rolled up inside of the cuff of the pillowcase, then pull everything out right side out. Once that is done, you have the accent piece (black in this case) at the edge of the cuff. This makes about a one inch “flange” type thing-y, and I don’t like that piece flapping around, so I choose to stitch that down with an overcast (or blanket) stitch on my machine. Here I used black matching thread to stitch it down…

I’ve adjusted the contract and brightness on that photo so hopefully you can see it. If not, here is the back…

Once that is done, you sew around the outer edge of the pillowcase with a French seam so the raw edges are enclosed in the seam allowance…

Then you turn it right side out and ta-da!

You have a pillowcase!

I’m banished  ;) to the sewing room through Wednesday (my daughter works from home on the phone, so I can’t really hang out upstairs running the vacuum or watching TV), so I guess I will tough it out sewing until she takes off on Thursday for school. This afternoon I will fix Section 6 of the batik Gypsy Wife.

The vertical strips in this upper left corner turned out too short for the space. I have no idea how, because all of the measurements were correct according to the pattern. Another woman in the class said she had a similar problem with that part, so at least I wasn’t alone in it. When I put this section together, by the time I got to this portion I wanted it done, so I figured just adding a horizontal sash there wouldn’t be a problem – it’s such a busy quilt, nobody would notice. But I just can’t live with it. So, I found some more of the same fabric strips and I will remove that section and replace it with a longer strip set so it will work. I think once that is done I can actually put the entire right side of the quilt together, so that may be on my to-do list this week.

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  1. Very fun pillowcase, that skate flannel is perfect. Hope you've been able to get your Gypsy Wife columns fixed.

  2. So sad that you are banished to your sewing room - drat! LOL I've used that pattern before for pillowcases and love how quick and easy it is. I'm not a fan of the flange flapping around either; I made mine smaller, but I love your idea of stitching it down. Will do that next time I make pillowcases. Thanks for sharing this on MCM!