Thursday, July 21, 2016

Still Quilting

I’ve made a lot of progress on the flannel quilt I am quilting. Here is a photo of the quilting on the front…

You might be able to see it better from the back…

I am just doing utilitarian quilting with the walking foot on my domestic machine. It is a bit time consuming, but I think I might be able to finish it up today and get the binding attached. Fingers crossed! This is my One Monthly Goal for July, so I do hope to have the binding on soon.

I have only been quilting between breaks in purging the house. I have actually cleared out a lot of “stuff”, though there is still much more to go! I have slowly gone through things in my sewing room and have cleared out and cleaned up some items. I cleared out the closet in my sewing room, and I have since put my fabric bins and project bins in it where I can see them easily and get to them. However, I can also close the closet doors when I need to focus on other things J Here is my closet now…

On the left are the fabric bins and on the right are the project bins. There are recessed shelves on each side of the closet…to the right are long term storage items (kids’ toys, etc.) because those are not as easy to get to. On the left are items that are easier to reach but I don’t need very often. I have my AccuQuilt Go cutter in there, along with my serger and older sewing machines.

I even cleared out the closet shelf of all of the old toys and camping gear, and replaced it with the Christmas decorations and my batting. Now it looks like this…

Not pretty, but more to my liking. The toys and camping gear are going to the garage sale.

I have also started clearing out the shelves next to my sewing table. This is where I had my serger sitting, along with some miscellaneous project boxes and various supplies. I’ve cleared out a few of the shelves, so now I have the project boxes from my current projects that I’m working on (Gypsy Wife quilts, Sawtooth Stars quilt, etc.) in this shelf unit.

I still have a couple of shelves to sort through and clear out, but I am making progress. I also have a lot more to go in other parts of the sewing room, but for now I need to finish up this flannel quilt.

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  1. Fantastic progress in organizing - good work. Wish I could find a motivation to do so. I also love the quilt you're making :)