Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hopping into June

Today is the first day of the East TN Quilt Shop Hop. Yesterday I ran errands and picked up a Shop Hop passport. I also picked up a small cutting mat and ruler, and some more fabric for my HocusPocusVille quilt. Here is the fabric:

I had previously purchased some cream with black pin dots fabric, but I have picked at it and used it for other projects that came up (including the Witches stitchery and part of the neutral GW quilt), so I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough for HPV. I also figured that since it seemed to be a convenient “neutral”, that I would probably continue to use it for other projects. So, I think I now have the HPV fabric under control (and set aside so I don’t use it for something else!) I do hope to get to cutting the HPV blocks soon.

I also cut some pieces for my Curves project using the Drunkard’s Path templates. I used my aqua and lime green fabrics that are the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors for June (or at least the closest I have to them). I still have a lot more to go, but this is what I have cut so far…

This is not how they will end up. I have a lot more fabric to cut, so there will be different configurations and combinations of colors than what you see here. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

I also got all of the half-square triangle squares sewn for the Vintage Skate blocks. I have pressed and trimmed off the dog-ears on half of them (224 in total). I will get to the other half today and maybe even start putting blocks together.

Finally, I decided to try Leaders & Enders again. I have tried this in the past and I always end up stopping and just focusing on that and completing that Leader/Ender project…which is exactly the opposite of its purpose. I saw that Bonnie Hunter will be starting a new Leader/Ender “sew-along” in July, and it made me think of all of my 2-1/2” squares that I have cut and in these drawers…

I decided to go ahead and use these for Leaders & Enders. So, I’m sewing a dark and a light together. Who knows what I’ll end up with in the end, but I know I can always make cute little four-patches. I don’t know what Bonnie has in mind, so I may incorporate what she does too; we’ll see. I used this yesterday when I was sewing the half-square triangle squares, and I now have 5 or 6 “twosies”.

That’s about it from here. I have already run out to the store this morning and hit two quilt shops for the Shop Hop. I will report on that tomorrow. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thursday!

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