Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s another wonderful Wednesday here. The sun is shining this morning, and I have a few errands to run after I exercise. Then I will be able to spend a bit more time in the sewing room today.

I’ve been doing a bit of everything over the past few days. I was able to get my batiks sorted and organized into bins. Yay! I still have several colors of fabric to organize and get binned – black, green, brown/neutrals, landscape fabrics, solids, flannels, and some novelty fabrics that don’t really fit in any color category. Plus, there are more, I’m sure. I’ll just work on them one at a time.

I was able to finish up my scrappy green crumb-pieced table runner on Monday.

I used this dark green fabric for the backing and binding that has been on my shelf for about 20 years…

I just used a wavy decorative stitch on my machine for some simple quilting. You can see it closer here on the back…

I used one layer of Insul-Bright (from The Warm Company) as the batting, so I can place hot serving dishes on this when it’s on the dining room table. I wouldn’t put hot dishes from the oven or stove on just one layer of Insul-Bright, though. I prefer two layers for hot pads and pot holders.

I also took a little time on Monday and put together two rail fence swap blocks for our June guild meeting…

These were from my 1-1/2” strip bin…so more scraps gone! Yay!

I also completed Section 5 for the batik version of The Gypsy Wife. Section 5 is the one on the far left of this photo…

So far, so good. The next section we are working on is Section 8, and I picked out the fabrics for that yesterday. I cut all of the strips for the remainder of the batik version on Sunday, so quite a bit of the work for this quilt is done. I plan on getting Section 8 done this week.

I did work a little on my current stitchery over the weekend…

I’ve not gotten very far on it, but I’m only spending 15 minutes or so at a time on it, and I’m not working on it every day. I need to devote a bit more time to it. Yesterday I also started quilting a Ronald McDonald House quilt and I started another wall hanging for our small quilt booth sale at the Quilt Show next month. I think I can at least get the top of the wall hanging done today, then start the quilting soon. I still have 3 weeks before it is due.

That’s about it from here. I’m off to start the day. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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