Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Finishes

I did a bit of work in the sewing room this week, but I don’t have a lot to show for it! A couple of things I can show you…

I finished the Tuxedo’s Tales block for February last week, but I had not put the eye on the bird yet. I did that yesterday, so…yay!...a “real” finish of the block…

You might not be able to see the eye well. It is a hot fix crystal that is an amber-ish color. Believe me, it’s there!

I also finished Section 8 on the Gypsy Wife batik version…

Section 8 is on the far left of the photo. This one is ready to go for the June class. Another (sort of) finish is that I finished cutting all of the background strips for the neutral version of the Gypsy Wife. I also started on Section 5 yesterday, and here is how far I have gotten…

(Don't you just love my blue painter's tape holding batting up on the closet door for a quickie design wall!) 

Just a few strips and some filler blocks are done so far. I still have 3 large blocks to go, then I need to put it together. I hope to get that done today. I will then need to get Section 8 done for this one as well in the next three weeks when our class meets again.

About the only other thing I have worked on (and finished) is organizing my buttons. I have a lot of buttons from my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother (and me), and I have had them sorted in mason jars by color and sitting on a shelf. They really were just sitting there for show, though I have used some in projects the past couple of years. I really want to use my sewing materials, so I have taken them out of the jars and put them into plastic organizers…

They are sorted by color and by shank/no shank. I also have quite a few novelty buttons, so I have one compartment for Christmas/winter buttons and then the remainder are sorted by shank/no shank. These are the larger compartment-ed jewelry organizers from Joann’s, and they now take up a lot less space on the shelf than the jars did. I hope this compels me to use them more often. I do have a few projects in the works that I could use buttons on, so maybe I will get more buttons out of the plastic boxes and fulfilling their purpose in life J

That’s about it from here. We should be having a very hot (and maybe rainy) holiday weekend here. We have plenty to do indoors and outdoors, so we should be good no matter the weather. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

I will be linking up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! Check out what everyone has been doing!


  1. Your finished block is so cute. I have looked at the Gypsy Wife quilt several times and haven't caved... yet! You found a great way to organize all of your buttons. Hopefully you will find something fun to make with those.