Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Finishes & One Monthly Goal

Since last Friday I have been able to finish hand stitching the binding on two wall hangings, so that’s two finishes! Woo hoo!

Now it’s April and I need to look ahead. April begins the time when I start to spend less time in the sewing room. We have a garden and we usually start camping in April, so my time gets split. I also really need to do some serious spring cleaning and de-cluttering. 

I do have my One Monthly Goal for April to set – I want to finish the Log Cabin Leaves Quilt.

Right now it is on the frame for the long arm and I have started quilting it. I think if I spend a bit of time several days each week I should be able to get it done. I’m doing some mini-stippling in the “logs” around the leaves and into the borders. I’m not sure yet what I am going to do in the leaves. But, by the end of April I hope it’s quilted, bound, labeled, and in the trailer to use.

I also plan to continue working on my three (count’ em, three!) BOMs. I must be a bit loony. But, they are all fun and I am enjoying working on them. I need to make the third and fourth sections for the two Gypsy Wife quilts before my next class in a couple of weeks. I have everything ready to sew together the third section of the batik version…

I still have the rest to cut and sew. They really don’t take too long to finish, and there is no GW Police to come get me if I don’t get it done before the class. I would just like to keep up with it because some of the upcoming sections are going to be quite involved and take more time.

My third BOM is Tuxedo’s Tales. I only have January done so far. I will take a day soon to cut out the pieces for February and that will be my hand stitching for a while. I’m almost done with the Vintage Skate embroidery, so once that is done I will need another hand working project.

And speaking of the Vintage Skate, here is where I’m at…

I have completed the skate section and the “Winter” badge. I just need to finish up the ornaments and candy canes sticking out of the boot. I think I can get this one done soon. By the time it is done, I’m sure there will be winter/holiday fabrics in the stores to look at and decide which I want to use to finish up this wall hanging.

I will also participate in another month of taming my Scrap Problem. I will probably attempt to clear out the orange scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Two birds, one stone. I didn’t get around to making a bag or purse for March for the RSC, so I hope to make one for April.

Finally, in the between times, I hope to work on creating a “Stitch Bible” for my sewing machine. I have a couple of Craftsy classes from Carol Ann Waugh, and in one she suggests stitching out every decorative stitch on your sewing machine and making a book out of it so you have it handy for whenever you want to use decorative stitches. I still haven’t started that yet, but would like to. Also, I have her Stitch & Slash class and I have put together some fabrics for the project…

These are just some fabrics I picked up in a bundle to use for this project. I’m not great at choosing colors, so I figured this was the safest way to go. I’m also not emotionally attached to any of these fabrics, so it was a good way to try out this technique. I got all of the fabrics pressed and penciled in the stitching lines on the back…

Hard to see, but I just made a “tic-tac-toe” type of grid and then I drew squares and rectangles in the spaces. I have since done the stitching and I have started slashing. We’ll see how it turns out. I do need to pick up a new seam ripper for this project. It’s surprising how dull seam rippers can get!

So that’s about it. I’ll probably really just work on what suits my fancy in April. For today I will be linking up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I get a Whoop! Whoop!, and at Red Letter Quilts for One Monthly Goal for April. Head over to see all of the great projects everyone is working on…and have a great April!


  1. I love the phrase "emotionally attached" when referring to fabric! I do get that way about some. =) You have some amazing finishes there, and some wonderful progress going on. Good luck on your goal this month. I envy you the camping ventures you have planned in the coming warm months!

  2. Lots of fun projects underway in your sewing room. I really like your Log Cabin Leaves project. Good luck with your April stitching plans.

  3. I wish you well on your monthly goals and UFOs. I was wondering if you ONLY have three UFOs? I have many many more than 3 so hats off to ya.