Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Scrap Update

I was able to get started on my scrap problem. I started with a small bag of scraps I had…

I was able to throw away just a few little snippets of fabric. Yes, gasp all you want, I threw fabric in the trash. I have decided that for me, the tiniest scraps serve no purpose, so I am not keeping them. I might start sticking them in a bag, then once a year take them to a guild meeting for the free table. But I’ve realized I never get around to doing anything with them, so they are out of here.

So, as I pressed everything I pulled out strips that were already cut 1-1/2 or 2-1/2 inches. I already have containers with those sizes of strips, so they found a home. That left me with the following (much neater) pile of scraps…

Many of the strips in this pile are cut 2 inches wide, so I think I will go ahead and start a 2 inch strip container as well. Some of these scraps are red or green Christmas fabric, and I already have a container of strips that I’m using to make Christmas string blocks, so those will be cut to width and put in with those strips. The remainder of the scraps will probably be cut into 1-1/2, 2, or 2-1/2 inch strips where appropriate, then the rest will be cut with the AccuQuilt Go cutter. I have dies for 4-1/2 inch squares, 2-1/2 inch squares, and half square triangles that finish in a 2-1/2 inch square. I already have lots of 2-1/2 inch squares and triangles cut and in these drawers…

So I have a place for those. I will see what is left over once I’ve cut things up. If there is anything worth keeping I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. I have been thinking of making a scrappy log cabin quilt, because I have NEVER made a log cabin quilt. I have made log cabin blocks, but never a whole quilt.

My goal by next Wednesday is to get cutting with the AccuQuilt cutter. Hopefully I can find the time!

Have a great Wednesday!

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