Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Finishes and 1st Quarter FAL

I participated in the 1st Quarter of the 2016 Finish-Along at She Can Sew (#28 at the goal link-up). Today is the last day of the quarter, and the first day to link up our finishes. I had seven projects listed, but only finished two. I also worked on two others, but no finishes there.

The first finish was the Joann’s Sampler quilt

This was probably my oldest UFO in my sewing room…but not anymore! I’m happy to say I was able to get it quilted and bound in January, and it is now sitting in my living room. It’s nice to get those oldies but goodies done!

The second finish was the Easy Street quilt.

This was Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt several years ago. It has been sitting waiting to be quilted for a couple of years. I finished this one in February and it’s ready to go to its forever home…probably at Christmas. It’s nice to have that one out of my mind as well.

There were a few more finishes for March. I was able to meet my OMG goal for March at Red Letter Quilts…

The snowmen wall hanging is done and ready to turn in at the quilt guild meeting next week. This is a donation for our quilt show sale.

I also quilted and attached the binding to five charity quilts…

These will also go to the guild meeting next week for others to hand stitch the binding.

I was able to use up a few scraps this month too. I didn't get a bag made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for March, but I made this purple tray and purple snack bag…

And I used up some bird panel scraps making this wall hanging for my living room…

I’m really pleased with how this turned out.

Besides those things, I continued working on my other projects. I completed the second sections of both of my Gypsy Wife quilts…

I completed the January block for Tuxedo’s Tales…

I was able to get the Rainbow Stars blocks put into rows…

And I got the Log Cabin Leaves loaded on the long arm and started the quilting on it…

I guess the only other project I worked on this month was the Vintage Skate embroidery…

I have now completed the skate section and just have the top portion to finish. This will be my hand work for the next several weeks. This is the center panel for a wall hanging that I hope to have done for Christmas this year.

So that’s it from here. I hope you had a wonderful March and are ready for April. It will be gardening season and the beginning of camping season here, so those will be cutting into my sewing time. I hope you are having a wonderful spring wherever you are!

I will be linking up with Needle & Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation, and at the 2016 FAL Finishes for Q1 at A Quilter’s Table.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Scrap Busting Progress for March

I made some progress with my scraps this month. My goal was to sort through this mess…

I was able to go through that pile of scraps and pull out the 2-1/2” and 1-1/2” strips and put them in my bins for those widths. The rest of the pile was cut 2-1/2”, 2”, 1-1/2”, or less than that (but no narrower than 1”). After looking around a bit for something to do with my strips, I think I have decided on working on a scrappy lozenge quilt from Bonnie Hunter. You can find the pattern under her “Free Patterns” tab. She has the instructions for using 2-1/2” strips, so I went with that, and ended up cutting some scraps 2-1/2” by 5”. All of my 1-1/2” squares will work as the corner triangles. Yay!

So all of that got pressed, cut, and sorted, and I still had time left in the month…not much, but a little bit. So, since this was purple month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I took my bucket of purple scraps and started sorting them as well…

I pulled out all of the strips that were already the size I am saving, then I started cutting some of the remaining scraps. I was able to get several rectangles for lozenges, along with some strips. I didn’t get through all of my purples, but that’s OK…this was just bonus points!  I picked up a few more storage bins a couple of days ago, so I was then able to get those strips and rectangles put away!

I have one empty bin…I’m sure I will come up with something to put in it!

I made another project using some more of my scraps, but I will be posting about that tomorrow. I’m happy to say that it is all done and hanging on my living room wall. I used up some fabric panels with birds…

That’s all you get to see! I’ll post the finished photos tomorrow. In the mean time I will be linking up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for the March Progress Report for “I May Have a Scrap Problem!” Head over to see how everyone is taming their scraps.

Monday, March 28, 2016

One Monthly Goal Finish

I finally finished my snowmen wall hanging to donate for the quilt show!

You might be able to see some of the quilting from the back…

Here is a close up of some of the quilting…

This wasn’t too hard to get done. I had the blocks put together for about a year, plus I had the sashing and cornerstones already cut. All I had to do was put the top together, and get it quilted and bound. Done!

This was my goal for March for One Monthly Goal over at Red Letter Quilts (#6 at the link-up party). I will be linking up for the finishes party. Head over for some lovely projects.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Finishes

It’s time to talk about finishes.

First, it’s the finish of winter! I usually like winter, and this has been an extremely mild winter here (especially compared to the bitterly cold one last year). But I am ready for the garden and bright warm days. We got a few things put in the garden a couple of weeks ago, and already we have some broccoli!

In the sewing room I was able to finish the quilting on the new snowmen wall hanging…

Yesterday I added the hanging sleeve and loops and I attached the binding. I’m now working on hand stitching the binding down. This is for the small quilt sale at our guild show in June, and it is also my One Monthly Goal for March. I think I will get it done in time!

Much of my time in the sewing room this week was spent clearing out some scraps, including scraps to make this bird wall hanging…

Sorry I don't have a photo of it put together. I will take another photo once it is hanging up. The second photo shows some of the quilting. The blocks are Disappearing 9-Patches, and the birds are from some scrap panels I picked up on the free table at a quilt guild meeting. I finished quilting it and attached the hanging sleeve/loops, and I attached the binding to it. I just need to hand stitch the binding, add a label, and hang it up in the living room.

I also was able to get the Log Cabin Leaves loaded onto the quilt frame.

I plan to start quilting that today. Maybe I can get it done by the end of the weekend.

That’s about it. This week started out pretty sad. I no longer have my sewing buddy.

Fluffy  2000-2016

We found out a week ago Monday that Miss Fluffy most likely had brain cancer, and then over last weekend she went downhill quickly. Monday afternoon we had to put her down. I know she wasn’t feeling well, but she also didn’t seem to be in pain yet, which is a good thing. She spent the last day hanging out in my lap or sitting under her blanket in my chair (her favorite spot). She had a good (and spoiled!) life with us, and a long one at 16 years. We miss her already. Two pets gone within a year makes it pretty quiet around here, but we still have two more to heap loves on…



That’s about it for this week. I will be linking up with the Whoop! Whoop! Finishes party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I hope you head over to see all the great projects, and for those of you who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Monday

This time in March is usually such a nice time around East Tennessee. Everything is starting to come up in the garden, daffodils are in full bloom, and the sun is shining. It’s a little chilly today, but it should be mostly in the 60s and no rain for the most of the week, so all in all it’s good. If only the allergens left town! There is a good reason this area of the country has high incidences of asthma. We’ll be postponing any car washing for another month or so until all of the pollen is gone and cars are no longer all yellow. Growing up in Southern California I never had allergy problems, but since I have been here (nearly 19 years) I have developed year-round allergies. Such fun. But fortunately it is something I can live with. Anyway, I still love it here!

I didn’t really get much accomplished last week, but I was able to finish FMQ on the Snowmen Wall Hanging for our Quilt Show small quilt sale…

I still need to attach the binding and then hand stitch it down. This is my OMG for March, so I have 10 days to get that done. I also have a few charity quilts that need to have binding attached, so I hope to get to those before the end of the month as well. I should just have a “Binding Attachment Day” and get them all done!

Over the weekend I put in a little stitching on the Vintage Skate embroidery…

…very little. This is actually the same photo as yesterday, but I did spend about one-half hour stitching on Sunday. It’s coming along nicely. I would like to spend a bit more time this week working on it.

For the remainder of this week, I have a few things I’d like to get to.

First, I need to continue cleaning up my sewing room. I may start moving it out into the sunroom until next winter. During the winter it just gets so cold in there, but I can bear it the remainder of the year. It just has so much natural light that I enjoy sewing out there. Also, I should be getting a new desk top computer on Tuesday, so I need a place for it. We are getting a big screen for it, since my eyes are going a bit more quickly than I’d like, and it won’t fit in the computer desk upstairs. Plus, my laptop has been giving me fits since we got it several years ago. Just weird things happen to it. Once I loaded Windows 10 onto it I have had nothing but problems. I think it was probably a bad computer (as in a lemon) to begin with, and Windows 10 didn’t sit well with it. So, I’m looking forward to getting the new computer and putting it in the sewing room, and getting the computer out of the dining room.

While cleaning up (and out) the sewing room, I hope to do a bit more with my Scrap Problem. I haven’t done a whole lot with it, but the progress report for it will be a week from Wednesday, so I need to get something done! We’ll see what I can accomplish there.

Also, I would like to get my Log Cabin Leaves quilted before the end of the month. Finishing this quilt was one of my goals for the First Quarter of the 2016 Finish-Along. The deadline is March 31, so I hope to get it quilted, bound, and done by then.

Those are a lot of things to accomplish this week, but if it bleeds over into next week, that’s fine with me.

There are also a few long-term projects that I will be working on as well. I am making two versions of The Gypsy Wife. Here they are in neutrals and in batiks…

I am taking a class with this, so I have two more sections to complete in the next month for each of these. They are small sections so it should only take 2-3 days for each one.

I’m also working on the Tuxedo’s Tales BOM. I have January done…

I added a hat to the snowman because I didn't get his head especially round. I also added whiskers to Tuxedo...because a cat must have whiskers! Now I need to get working on February. I’m still waiting on the March kit, but I expect it any time.

And my final long-term goal is an embroidery project and it will begin once I am done with the Vintage Skate. I am going to embroider The Snowman Collector from The Stitch Connection. I am not going to make the quilt in the pattern. I have decided to make one large embroidery panel with the embroidery blocks. Here I have them laid out on the table…

I have since taped them to a large piece of paper and have dividing lines between the blocks. I will probably embroider the dividing lines with a fly stitch all the way around all of the blocks. I haven’t decided yet if I will make this a redwork project or not. I am leaning towards embroidering it with all different colors rather than a single color. Once the panel is done, I will then add pieced borders and quilt it. I’m sure this will take me a while, so it will be my long term embroidery project.

That’s about it for now. I’m looking forward to a productive week and some more seasonal weather! I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Easter. I will be linking up at the following:

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slow Stitching

It’s been a quiet week here on the blog. In real life it was one of those not so great weeks, but since we came through it all healthy and happy enough, all is good. Do you ever notice that a couple of bad things can so overwhelm the good things in your life? Ugh. I’m back on the bright side this weekend though. As a reward for a cruddy week, I am planning on a nice quiet stitching day. It’s gotten cold again today – highs in the 40s – and there is a chance of snow on this first day of spring. So I will wrap up with a blanket (and probably a cat on my lap) and get some stitching done.

I will definitely be working on the Vintage Skate…

I was able to finish up the blade, so now I’m adding some lovely pink laces to the boot.

I may also try to get the binding attached to this snowman wall hanging…

I was able to finish up the quilting on this early in the week, so I just need to attach the binding then hand stitch it down.

That’s about it for now. I will be linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. Check out the great projects!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bleary Monday

Well, maybe not bleary…just dark. My least favorite thing about Daylight Savings Time is that it is so dark in the mornings. I like waking up and having the sun come up by the time we’re moving around. Soon I’ll adjust.

This past week was a little bit busy in the sewing room. My Design Wall has the Rainbow Stars rows I put together…

(Those are pink Post It Notes in the center of the stars!)

And I was able to finish up the January block for Tuxedo’s Tales…

I’ll be starting the February block soon…

I also quilted a couple of Ronald McDonald House quilts and started on a third. It is on the long arm right now and I should be able to get that finished today. This week I hope to get started quilting on the Log Cabin Leaves…

…and get one or two more RMH quilts done. I also hope to finish up the quilting on the snowmen wall hanging for our quilt show Small Quilt Sale. 

I don’t have a lot more to do; I just wasn’t in the mood to continue the FMQ on this last week, so I knew it was time to take a break from it. I’ll get my head straight this week and finish that top up.

The only other work I have done is on my Vintage Skate embroidery…

I have mostly finished with the boot part of the skate and I’m working on the blade right now. I’ll then get the laces done, then be able to finish up the edge of the boot that runs down through the laces. I don’t think I have picked this up for about 4 or 5 days…I haven’t felt like stitching in the evenings. But I will try to carve out some time in the late afternoons to work on this during the week.

I have an eye appointment Thursday, and then Friday will be Mountain QuiltFest! I’m looking forward to going this year. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but I hope to be able to shop around. I’ll be heading out there with my hubby, and I feel kind of bad making him stand around while I shop at the vendor stalls. Maybe I’ll get over that by Friday J. He really enjoys looking at all the quilts. One day I’ll get him to actually make one!

I hope you have a great Monday (Pi Day!!!). I will be linking up at the following parties. Head over to see what everyone else is working on.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rainbow Stars

I didn’t work on any purple this week for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I did get some work done on my 2015 RSC Sawtooth Stars quilt. I put all of my big stars into rows…

I think this is the layout (color wise) that I like best. I have a 2 inch strip between each star in the rows, and I will put in a 2 inch strip horizontally between the rows. I want the stars to kind of “float” rather than be touching.

I still have more small stars to make and configure them into a border. But first I will need to get the horizontal sashing added and get this part of the top put together. I will probably not get to this until after next week. I need to spend a little time actually quilting some things next week. Hopefully by the end of the month this part of the top will be done!

I will be linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2016 over at So Scrappy. Head over for some lovely purple projects!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Finishes

I have a couple of finishes…or near finishes…for this Friday.

I finished the top for the snowmen wall hanging…

I made one of these wall hangings in 2014, and I’ve had leftover blocks because I was also making potholders and other little projects out of them. I decided to put another wall hanging together for our small quilt sale for our quilt guild. Plus, this is my One Monthly Goal for March. So, I’m close to getting it done.

I also almost finished the January block for Tuxedo’s Tales…

I got everything appliqued and embroidered, except for some embroidered snowflakes. I will work on those over the next few days. I also decided I don’t like the snowman’s head, so I will probably applique a hat on him, and then hopefully this will be done. The quilt shop where I am taking the Gypsy Wife Quilt class is also offering a class for embroidering and embellishing the Tuxedo Tales Block of the Month…and it is immediately following my GW class…and it’s free! So, I think I will stick around next Saturday to see what it’s about.

Today I will probably start prepping some quilts for quilting. I have the snowmen wall hanging, my Log Cabin Leaves quilt top, and a boat load of Ronald McDonald House quilts all needing to be quilted. I think that will be my priority into next week. For now, I will be linking up with the Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! link-up party. Head over for some great finishes!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Scrap Update

I was able to get started on my scrap problem. I started with a small bag of scraps I had…

I was able to throw away just a few little snippets of fabric. Yes, gasp all you want, I threw fabric in the trash. I have decided that for me, the tiniest scraps serve no purpose, so I am not keeping them. I might start sticking them in a bag, then once a year take them to a guild meeting for the free table. But I’ve realized I never get around to doing anything with them, so they are out of here.

So, as I pressed everything I pulled out strips that were already cut 1-1/2 or 2-1/2 inches. I already have containers with those sizes of strips, so they found a home. That left me with the following (much neater) pile of scraps…

Many of the strips in this pile are cut 2 inches wide, so I think I will go ahead and start a 2 inch strip container as well. Some of these scraps are red or green Christmas fabric, and I already have a container of strips that I’m using to make Christmas string blocks, so those will be cut to width and put in with those strips. The remainder of the scraps will probably be cut into 1-1/2, 2, or 2-1/2 inch strips where appropriate, then the rest will be cut with the AccuQuilt Go cutter. I have dies for 4-1/2 inch squares, 2-1/2 inch squares, and half square triangles that finish in a 2-1/2 inch square. I already have lots of 2-1/2 inch squares and triangles cut and in these drawers…

So I have a place for those. I will see what is left over once I’ve cut things up. If there is anything worth keeping I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. I have been thinking of making a scrappy log cabin quilt, because I have NEVER made a log cabin quilt. I have made log cabin blocks, but never a whole quilt.

My goal by next Wednesday is to get cutting with the AccuQuilt cutter. Hopefully I can find the time!

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Block of the Month(s) Progress

I have made a bit of progress in the past week on my BOMs. Last Friday I finished Section 2 of the neutral colorway of Gypsy Wife. You can read that post here. Then I was able to finish up Section 2 of the batik colorway…

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t happy with the Pershing block in the batik GW. That’s the block in the top left corner. So, I removed the outer “shell” of the block and got back down to where I was happy with it…

Then I rebuilt it and it turned out much better. So, I got that section stitched to the first section, and now the batik GW looks like this…

It amazes me to see the two color ways side by side. Here’s the neutral one for comparison…

(Just ignore the fact that I flipped around the block in the bottom right corner on the batik version!)

I have to take two different views of piecing when I’m putting together the blocks. It’s pretty fun! I am happy with how both are turning out, though I think I prefer the neutral one right now.

Other than that, I have only worked a little on Tuxedo’s Tales. I have just started stitching the snowman onto Tuxedo’s head in the January block…

I still have a bit of applique to go, and then some embroidery before this block is finished. I may take this tomorrow to our guild Bee and work on it.

That’s about it for now. We spent the last couple of days getting the garden ready and putting some peas, broccoli, and cauliflower in the ground. I also started some lettuce, green onions, and carrots. I’m so looking forward to spring! Today will be putting away my Snow Village stuff for the year (yes, it is still on display!) and cleaning up the house. Tonight will be a Board meeting, tomorrow the Bee, and then I think the rest of the week I can clean and sew. What fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and stop by What A Hoot Quilts for some fun BOMs.