Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Happenings

I was able to get HocusPocusVille done last week…

This is the last of the embroidered blocks. I still have some bead and button embellishments to do on these blocks, but I’m going to wait until I get the top put together before I do that. While I was at the quilt shop on Saturday for a class I picked up a pack of fat eighths (they were 25% off!) for this top. I have decided since I did the embroidery in brown-black and the backgrounds are a tan, I want to do the top in Civil War-type fabrics rather than traditional black/orange Halloween colors. We’ll see how that works out. But for now, HPV is in a holding pattern until sometime next month when I sit down and try to figure out what I’m going to do with it.

Since that embroidery is done, I picked up my Vintage Skate again...

I don’t think I have worked on this for a few months. I have just been working on the boot this week. This will be my evening stitching project for right now.

The other exciting thing I did this past weekend was to get the binding attached to Easy Street. Yay! I’ve hand stitched down one side so far (it’s about 93x93 inches). This is my One Monthly Goal project for February, so I think I can get it done by next Monday, as long as I don’t have too much help

She only thinks she's a good helper stitching binding!

For this week, I have to run some errands this morning, but since I’ve already done the housework for the day, the rest of my day will be spent in the sewing room (I hope!). I will start on this purse for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge…

And if I have time this afternoon I will start on some fabric postcards. I hope to make some for Pet Postcards 2016 and some for our boutique at the guild quilt show this summer.

For the rest of the week I also hope to work on my Gypsy Wife quilts and some more Ronald McDonald House quilts. Plus, I signed up for the Tuxedo Tales Block of the month and I received January’s kit on Saturday…

Too cute. Also while I was at the quilt shop Saturday I found this little cutie…

This is a McKenna Ryan block of the month (I guess – I haven’t really looked into this pattern). They had several of these pre-cut fusible applique kits for the blocks but they are super expensive (but I get 20% off there). I really liked this one so I picked it up. I will be going to the shop at least once a month for a class through October, so I may just pick up one a month…maybe. Or I will just stick with this one Halloweenie. If I get more I may just stop at probably 4 total and make a wall hanging. So if I have time, I may at least get this one fused.

That’s about it for the week. This Sunday afternoon is our RMH Sew-In so I have that to look forward to. In the meantime I will be linking up at Super Mom – No Cape for the Stitchery Party and at What a Hoot Quilts for BOMs Away. I hope you stop by to see the wonderful projects there.

Have a great week!


  1. How exciting to have your HPV embroidery done! I love the blocks and look forward to seeing them all together. I have never really done a BOM quilt. The Halloweenies kit you shared certainly has me tempted! It is fabulous.

  2. Oh how great to have the HPV embroidery complete, you have some wonderful projects that will keep you busy, love how the Vintage Skate is coming along, I love the McKenna Ryan BOM, I have several of the blocks. I love your idea of the cival war fabrics for the HPV and look forward to seeing it.

  3. Hey! That's a really fantastic idea to use the Civil War fabrics for your HocusPocusVille. It will be perfect. And I *love* your skate piece.