Monday, January 25, 2016

The Gypsy Wife

I have started a new project. This was not on my original list of new projects I had in mind for 2016, but after I made that list I signed up for a Block of the Month class at a local quilt shop using the Gypsy Wife pattern (by Jen Kingwell). After the first class, and after starting the quilt, I have just fallen in love with the Gypsy Wife. Here is the photo from the booklet of the finished quilt…

It looks very involved, but it really is just traditional blocks and a strippy background. I like it so much that I am making it in two color ways…yes, two quilts! The one above is in batiks, but the other one is in neutrals (creams & taupes to browns). I have the blocks done for the first section of the neutral top…

I had seen a photo of it done in muted tans and neutral tones and really liked it, and originally planned on just making that one. But I have so many batik scraps that I decided to try to use them up and make a second one. The background strips of the batik top are all greens and browns…kind of forest-y and foliage…and I’m using bright colors for the blocks along the top.

The Gypsy Wife is made by sections (10 in all) rather than rows, and then the sections are pieced together. For January we are working on Section 1. This is what it looks like in the book…

Section 1 is the top right corner of the quilt top. The blocks kind of “float” above the background strips near the top of the quilt, but the strips run from top to bottom through several sections. So, I have had to number the strips (there are 63) along the bottom (where all the strips appear, unbroken by blocks), as well as number the strips within each of the 10 sections so I can use the same fabric for the same strip, top to bottom. I hope that made some sense. It sounds involved, but it is really fun (for me at least!).

Today I plan on finishing up the background strips for Section 1 for the batik top. I have six more strips to cut for this section. Then it should be quick to piece them together and finish up this section. Then I will need to start on the strip background for Section 1 of the neutral background. I have nearly 4 weeks before the next class in February, so I may spend some of that time getting the remaining background strips cut and labeled for future sections.

Other than working on the Gypsy Wife over the past several days, I also spent a little time stitching up my second to last block of HocusPocusVille.

This is one of the smaller blocks, so I don’t think it will take too long to finish. I’m hoping that I can get this one done sometime next week. I usually only spend an hour or so stitching each day, but now that I’m nearing the end of HPV, I’m spending a bit more time focusing on finishing the blocks. It has been fun working on HPV and I am really looking forward to putting the quilt together…though I will probably wait until the fall when I am done with the Gypsy Wife tops.

This week should be busy at home. I have quite a bit of computer work to do for our guild Quilt Show; I have some genealogy work I really want to get to; I plan to load Easy Street on the long arm and get started on that; and I hope to make some more small stars for the Rainbow Stars quilt…along with the Gypsy Wife and some HPV work. I think I can get all of those things done. I only have a few days I need to leave the house this week for quickie errands and appointments.

For today, I’ve already made English muffins and the laundry was done yesterday, so I need to get some computer work done then I will head down to the sewing room for some quality time with my rotary cutter.  Dinner tonight will be easy...baked potatoes with broccoli and leftover crock pot chicken, so I will be able to maximize my time in the sewing room late this afternoon J. In the meantime, I have several parties to link up to:

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Check them out for some wonderful projects, and I hope you have a warm and wonderful Monday!


  1. I am thinking I really love the quilt and want one to find the time.


  2. I think that quilt is wonderful.

  3. Visiting from Main Crush Monday. Gypsy Wife is so beautiful no wonder you wanted to make two! Have a great week cutting and sewing.

  4. I saw two Gypsy Wives(?) at the Sisters quilt show. It's such a gorgeous quilt.

  5. I can see why you like the Gypsy Wife. It looks very beautiful and has lots of variety to keep you interessted.

  6. What a pretty quilt (or two)? HPV is looking good also. Enjoy your stitching. I wish I could have that much time each day to stitch. I just hope for 15 - 30 minutes a day.

  7. The Gypsy's Wife quilt is a great project. It's one that always calls to me. I also love Hocuspocusville - so fun to see yours almost there. :)

  8. Your Gypsy's Wife quilts are going to be lovely! Perhaps I should make one too since we've led such a gypsy type life moving from place to place. :)

    You're getting to the home stretch with you HPV blocks. I can see why you want to spend more time working on them.

    Thanks so much linking up to this week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!