Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Work in Progress

I know I jumped ahead of myself on this one, but it was with good reason (yeah, right!). I had planned on quilting the Sampler this morning, but the dog decided to be a bit sickly today and was in and out of the house much of the morning. Poor thing. Anyway, I needed to stay upstairs where I could let her in and out of the back door when she needed. So, I spent most of the morning doing computer work and “upstairs stuff” rather than heading downstairs to the long arm. Good news is that I got all my computer work done for the week (I hope!).

When I was able to head down the stairs to my sewing room, I wanted something fast and easy to do in case I needed to come back upstairs to hang out with the pets. So I decided to do some fabric cutting for the background of Bird Dance.

These are the pieces that I’m starting with. I love the taupe and neutral fabrics!

After another round upstairs…I spent some time sewing some of the pieces together and ended up with 14 (out of 30) blocks done!

I will probably hold off and make the other 16 blocks next week. It doesn’t take long; I just need to get a few other things accomplished this week.

Fortunately the dog is feeling better now, but I am done for the day being downstairs. I will probably sit down with a little HocusPocusVille work for an hour until it’s time to get working on dinner. Tomorrow I will be running a couple of errands in the morning, but I hope to spend quite a bit of time quilting after that.

For now, I will be linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. what a lovely collection of neutrals, it will make for a lovely background