Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Look Ahead

The beginning of the year is always a time to look ahead. I will do the typical things…super-clean the house, organize, toss stuff. I also need to clean up the sewing room again. For some reason it doesn’t stay neat for long J

In 2016 in the sewing room I will continue to work on my Works in Progress (and my UnFinished Objects), of which there are MANY. I will continue to use my “focus” cards to try to work on projects through their completion. They seem to help remind me to stay on task when they are sitting out on the sewing table. I will probably set out some goals on occasion to go along with some linky parties, or to give me focus, but I’m not going to overwhelm myself. I think I will try to link up with the 2016 Finish Along at She Can Quilt to give me a little incentive. Those are quarterly goals, so they shouldn’t be too much to handle.

Along with (hopefully) finishing up some WIPs and UFOs, there are some projects that I want to start in 2016 J Some of these patterns I have had for quite a while and some I have purchased recently. But since I LOVE to start new projects, these will be at the top of my list.

Here they are, in no particular order…

I want to make some landscape quilts. I have no photos to show you, but I have several books on landscape quilts and it is something I have wanted to do for several years. I think 2016 will be the year.

I also want to make a few items for our Small Quilt Booth Boutique at our guild quilt show in June. I’m sure I can make a small wall hanging and some mug rugs to donate. Also for the guild, I would like to work on some more of the charity quilts for our local Ronald McDonald House.

High on the list of new projects is Purrfectly Pieced…

This is a block of the month, but I bought it as a complete kit from The Fat Quarter Shop. It includes buttons and embroidery thread, so I have no excuses for not working on it. It has lots of applique and I find that I am trending more towards hand work recently. So this should be fun.

I also want to start Bird Dance from Sue Spargo…

I recently bought this book and I have some felted wool and lots of threads and floss (and beads) so I would like to get to work on this soon. I plan on using these neutrals to make the background for the birds…

…using this pattern…

This is the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs. It is my go-to pattern when I don’t know what to do with some fabric. It is such a quick pattern and I love it. These blocks finish at 9”, and the Bird Dance background blocks are only 6”, so the larger block will give me some more “wiggle-room”, which I think I would like.

I also plan on using the Yellow Brick Road pattern with these fabrics…

These are fat quarters with dog designs on them. My daughter bought me these for Christmas. I will probably use some of them to make a charity quilt for the guild. I also have a boatload of fabrics with cats on them, so I will probably do the same with cat fabrics. It’s nice to be able to get through a quilt top in a weekend, and that pattern does it for me.

Another project that is (sort of) new is making a top with these rainbow star blocks…

These are the blocks from the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy. I have big plans for these blocks, so I hope to be able to put them together into a quilt early in the year.

I have another quilt kit I would like to start (and finish) by the summer. I bought this table runner kit this past summer hoping to get it done by the fall, but I never even opened it up. Here is the pattern…

Another wall hanging I would like to do by next Christmas is this Merry Trails pattern.

Since we camp, I thought it would be a fun one to have hanging in the house. I haven’t bought fabric or anything for this yet, so I still have some work before I begin it.

I’ve been working on HocusPocusVille this year, and I have enjoyed doing embroidery again. Throughout the year I have picked up a few more quilt patterns with embroidery. I want to finish HPV first, but I have these three patterns I can choose from to start another…Snow Days, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Snowman Collector.

Keeping in the embroidery theme, I picked up this Halloween pattern from Bird Brain Design this past summer, but never got to it.

I think I want to do this one in color instead of black thread. We’ll see when I get to it.

I also want to do some more cross stitch this year. I have these three black cat patterns I would like to do…

I just love those guys.

I would also like to make this felted wool pumpkin pillow by next fall…

I think I have all the materials to make it, and I hope to get to it soon so it will be done by fall 2016.

I made two flannel 9-Patch quilts this year from my dad’s flannel shirts, and I have plenty of the scraps leftover. So I think I will make some pillows from the shirts for my nieces and nephew. They might like having a reminder of their PaPa.

One other thing I would like to do is to follow along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2016. I have several RSC projects in the works from 2014 and 2015, so I think I will focus on finishing those up. But I also have a lot of quilted tote and purse patterns that I would like to do, so I think I will try to make one each month using the color of the month from RSC. For January 2016, the color is blue, so I will use the following blue fabrics to make the tote pattern shown…

That is actually a Trick or Treat Bag, but it looks nice and simple and I think it would be a good first bag for me to try. I’ve made gift bags before, but I really would like to make some “nicer” totes and bags. I will be linking this up with So Scrappy for the first link-up of 2016 at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I have enough to keep me busy for several lifetimes, but I’m enjoying it all. I hope to have a lot of finishes this year with various UFOs, and then I can justify starting new projects! These will be at the top of the list.

I hope you have a wonderful and happy 2016, and that you reach whatever goals you set!


  1. It looks like you are going to be a BUSY quilter in 2016. I hope you have SEW much fun!!!

  2. Quite a list for the new year! I say do the rainbow quilt first! I guess I have to say that though, don't I?

  3. You are certainly multitalented and will add a lot to the challenge group. Good luck with your projects.

  4. I'm tired from reading all your plans this year. Good luck to you. You will be very busy this year.

  5. Wow, so many good ideas. I've been tallying as well, however I haven't written it all down and I'm not as organized as you. I am considering the 2016 Finish Along, I can use a little encouragement/challenge to get things finished.

  6. So many wonderful ideas of this year. I'm looking forward to seeing them come together.