Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Out of Towners

This is where I spent part of last weekend. We were able to take off last Thursday to the Great Smoky Mountains for a weekend of camping and this is the gazebo at our campsite. It looks out over the Little River along Highway 321 in Townsend, Tennessee, just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

While we were up there, I did a little bit of work with my quilt guild, Smoky Mountain Quilters of TN, for the 8th Annual Quilters Roadshow at the Heritage Center in Townsend. One of our guild members is a quilt historian and conducted an “Antiques Roadshow” for quilts. People brought in their old family quilts and she was able to give them some more information regarding the age, possible location where they were made, etc. Here is the stage where she did her bit…

There are a couple of her old quilts on stage, plus a string quilt on the back wall that was recently made by one of our guild members. The string quilt was there because our guild also was sewing string blocks for quilts for Ronald McDonald House. We were set up at tables in the back of the auditorium sewing. This is the calm before the storm…

Those are the only photos I was able to take (before the event) because we were so busy once it started! We had about 15 people sewing (at 4 tables…a bit crowded at times), and several of us were pressing and cutting. We were able to listen and watch the Roadshow while it was going on, so it made the day go by quickly. Oh, and the lovely quilts on the walls of the auditorium were made by our guild members and were hung for a little quilting ambiance J.

So, part of the event was to work on quilts for our local Ronald McDonald House. This is one of the charities our guild supports and when the guild delivers the quilts, the kids get to pick out which one they want and they get to keep it. On the porch outside the Heritage Center we were able to hang up some of the quilts all ready to go to RMH…

It was really a good day in all, and I’m glad I was able to participate. While we were gone, I did absolutely nothing quilting or crafting wise. We were able to take a little scenic tour of the Smokies, and I’ll write about that later in the week. But most of the time at the campground we read, took walks, or just hung out enjoying the scenery.

Since we have been home I’ve been busy cleaning out the trailer and tending to a sick cat. I was able to spend some time in the sewing room yesterday and got some squares cut for the second flannel 9-Patch quilt.

I have 48 blocks left to make for this quilt top, and it’s my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes for November, so I need to get at it! I will probably wander downstairs to the sewing room this afternoon and do a bit more cutting.

I hope your Tuesday is going well!

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