Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello, Monday!

I need to get ready for the busy week ahead! There should be lots of work mixed in with some fun this week. But before that, I was able to get a few things done yesterday.

First, I completed a green November block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I love this color green. There is one more green block for November to complete, then all of the Sawtooth Sampler blocks will be done. When the instructions for the final one come out, I’ll get right on it. Then, I will need to start putting it together and figure out how many alternate star blocks I will need to complete it. I am really looking forward to completing this quilt top and hope to spend time over the holidays working on it.

On Sunday I also made up a Friendship Star block for our quilt guild President.

Instead of having a fat quarter drawing or a block drawing for the members at the December meeting, the members are asked to create a block for the outgoing President. Our President requested a 7 to 10 inch block with blue and white. So, I thought the Friendship Star would be appropriate, and I had plenty of blue fabric to choose from. And, I know this block is probably known by a bazillion different names, but in my block dictionary book it was listed as a Friendship Star, so I’ll go with that. Now that can be marked off my list of To-Dos for November!

So for today, I need to clean, clean, clean…and do laundry; I need to put away Halloween decorations, and pull out all of the Thanksgiving decorations; and I need to get ready for this weekend.

Tomorrow is an errand running day…get flea medicine for the dog; take the cat to the vet; dog and cat food at the pet store, plus a few more things I’m sure I will think of; and finish laundry. Plus, Tuesday night is guild meeting night, so I will be gone all evening.

Wednesday is our wedding anniversary – yay – 26 years! I don’t think we have much planned, but we may decide to go out to dinner. We’ll see how the hubby feels when he gets home. Otherwise, I’ll do more binding stitching.

Finally, this weekend I will spend Saturday at a fun event. My quilt guild is participating in the Quilters Roadshow at the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center. We will be sewing quilts for the local Ronald McDonald House, among other things. It should be a fun day. It is just down the road from the Great Smoky Mountains, so hubby will drop me off then go enjoy his day in the woods.

So that’s about it for me this week. I probably won’t be posting until next week again, but hopefully I’ll have some fun photos to share.

Have a great week!

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