Thursday, August 20, 2015

Perfect Day for Sewing

Wednesday was a great day for sewing. We had mostly clouds and rain (with quite a few thunderstorms) all day. The sun tried to peak through the clouds a few times, but the rain kept coming back. It was a great day to take cover downstairs in the sewing room. And I had help most of the morning…

This sweet girl hung out with me for much of the morning while I was finishing up the first of two flannel quilt tops made from my dad’s flannel shirts. Finishing this was my goal for August for A Lovely Year of Finishes, so I will be talking about this later in the month.

They actually go together quickly (when I put my mind to it) so hopefully I can get the second one done in September. Here’s my helper checking to make sure I matched the seams and that it’s good to snuggle…

Now I just need to find a backing, quilt it (not sure how yet), and bind it.

In the afternoon I headed back downstairs and decided to see how far I could get on a table runner I wanted to make for Halloween. I saw this made up in a local quilt shop last month and thought it was so cute…but they were out of the book that the pattern was in. I finally found the book and picked up a jelly roll of oranges a couple of weeks ago, and decided to get moving on it yesterday. It is a quilt as you go center and borders, with the appliques added afterwards. I’m happy to say I got everything done on it except for the top stitching of the appliques…

Those little ovals in the center will turn into spiders once I do the top stitching. I think it turned out pretty nicely, and I really like my spider border print…

The original pattern called for a black border, and I had black but really wanted to use this print. The problem was, when I held it up next to the oranges it was a bit washed out. So, I made little flanges with solid black to go between the oranges and the border print. And since the binding will be a striped black and white print, I will put another solid black flange on with the binding. The backing is a solid orange I have had on the shelf for a couple of years.

I’m really pleased with how quickly this went together, and I will hopefully get the top stitching done next week. I have a table runner kit for the fall that I bought a couple of months ago and I have been hesitant to start it, but I think I will pull it out and get it done soon too.

Today will be an errand and computer day. The rain isn’t so bad today, so I’ll run out here when I’m done with this post and get that stuff done. Then I’ll come home and work on the computer for the rest of the day. If I have time I will try to finish up the current HocusPocusVille block. It’s getting close. If it’s not finished today, then I should finish it up tomorrow.

That’s it from here. I need to get on with my day. Have a wonderful one!

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