Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fabulous Fabrics

This past Saturday I spent a few hours at my guild’s quarterly Saturday New Members Lunch and Bee. I had a really nice time, and one of the ladies brought some fabrics and threads from a former member who just didn’t have any time for sewing anymore. I was able to pick up some great threads for $15. I don’t have a count (dozens!), but I need a couple of more 12" by 12" thread boxes to store them in, so I got a LOT! All but a few are brand new, still in the package. They include lots of metallic and variegated threads, including King Tut, Aurifil, and Superior/Bottom Line. I’m so excited that I was able to get so many different threads at such a great price. I can’t wait to use them in my embroidery and quilting.

I also picked up some fabric. The fabric was being sold for $1 for 2 pounds. I brought home 17 pieces of fabric and only paid $1. There were a couple of pieces I liked that I didn’t buy, but later in the Bee the lady getting rid of the fabric told me to just go ahead and take one of the fabrics I liked (but hadn’t bought). Before she left, she then walked around with the remaining fabric and told everyone to take one as a “door prize” J Seven of my 17 pieces are half yard cuts (width of fabric) and the remaining fabrics were either fat quarters or quarter-yard cuts. They are all amazing pieces. Here is what I brought home…

These were just some pretty fabrics I liked. The one on the left is the one she told me to take later in the Bee. The one on the right has little goldfish swimming, like you are looking down in a pond.

And these are tree bark fabrics.

Here are a couple of more tree fabrics and some pretty leaves.

These are some landscape fabrics. She had quite a bit of landscape type fabrics. I could have bought them all! They were so nice.

Here are some snowflake fabrics. I make a lot of “wintery” quilts, so I like to pick up snowflakes when I get the chance.

These are the remaining fabrics. Something about the one on top screamed, “Take me home!” I really like the colors in it. I will probably make a paper pieced cat with that fabric. The one on the bottom left is just because I rarely have some nice neutral/cream fabrics, and I really liked the feather pattern on the fabric at the bottom right.

This was a great opportunity to pick up some lovely new fabrics to use in my projects. I’m ever so grateful to the generosity of fellow quilters!

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