Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What’s Been Happening?

Well, not a whole lot. I have been busy puttering around. I’ve spent a little time this past week cutting fabric for kits for quilt tops for Ronald McDonald House quilts. I probably have a bit more of those to do. I need to make sure there are enough for a sew-in at the end of August; then we’re going to be sewing for RMH in November at the Quilters Road Show in Townsend, TN. So we’ll have to have plenty for people to work on all day. I’m sure we’ll all be able to keep busy!

Last night was the Board of Directors Meeting for our quilt guild, so I have some things to go over from that today; otherwise, I should be able to spend a little time sewing today. I plan on doing some of this…

This is my project for July for A Lovely Year of Finishes…to finish up this wall hanging. I need to blanket stitch the remaining 8 cats, then quilt and bind it. Here is where it stands…

All pinned up and ready to go. I hope this morning to get the cats machine blanket stitched. I’ll probably save the quilting for Thursday.

I have also been working on the Butterfly Sampler for Sue Spargo’s embroidery class on Craftsy. I got the background put together and yesterday I cut out all the butterflies and pinned them in place.

I even started stitching down the red butterfly…

I will probably spend the remainder of my sewing time today working on this applique. Once I get the bases of the butterflies stitched on, then there is layering more fabric on top of the butterflies. Once all the fabric has been appliqued on top of the butterflies, then I can start the embroidery. This is a process! I’m not complaining, because I enjoy the hand stitching…it just takes some time.

I’m off to exercise before I sit down at the sewing machine. Today will be dark and dreary with possible storms this afternoon. We were fortunate to miss the predicted rain and storms last night, but I think we’ll get them today - the wind has started to pick up already. Tonight for dinner will be pasta with sauté veggies…fresh tomatoes from the garden. Yum!

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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