Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Happened Wednesday?

Yesterday was a drab and dreary day. We’ve been having thunderstorms recently and it seems the days are mostly overcast, even without rain. Monday evening our air conditioning went out so we had our windows open during the night. It started thundering and lightning at about 10:30 PM and did not let up until 6 AM. Continuous noise and light all night long. I may have dozed a total of about 1 hour that night. Tuesday night was quieter…except for the barking dogs till midnight, but at least we had A/C. So, maybe I’m just cranky due to lack of sleep. But the dreary skies don’t help – and they continue today with plenty of rain. Anyway, I was able to get a bit of sewing done on Wednesday.

I spent a little time in the morning working on one of the flannel 9-Patch quilts. The dark squares are from my dad’s shirts…I purchased the light flannel for the alternate squares in the 9-Patches. I was able to put together 10 blocks in the morning, so now I have 29 done for this quilt. I’m planning on a 7 by 9 block arrangement, so I still need 34 more for this quilt. It should finish up over 50 inches wide and over 65 inches long, without borders. I’ll see once I get the blocks together if I want to add borders to it. If I do, I’ll probably add a three inch border of the light flannel. As it is, I think the size would be plenty for a sofa quilt. I plan on working on this some more today. I probably won’t have any sewing time on Friday or Saturday due to the holiday here in the US, so maybe I’ll make some headway today.

Other than that, I worked a bit on genealogy, and I watched part of the next lesson in Sue Spargo’s class on Craftsy. My course kit and Sue’s book Creative Stitching should be here today, so I will probably spend a little time with that this afternoon after running around with the hubby. He has half a day off today for the holiday, so we’re going to do a bit of shopping and stop by his mom’s to wish her a happy birthday – 92 today!

I also prepped some fabric for hexie hand stitching. I picked up some English paper piecing papers for my hexie flowers which I’ve been working on forever (really, just since last year). I have been drawing out the hexies onto freezer paper, then cutting them out and fusing them to the fabric for my hexies. I decided to try out the purchased papers. The jury is out on which method is better for me. It sure does cut out time though to use the purchased ones.

These are the papers glued to the back of the fabric pieces. I’m using washable glue, so the papers come off pretty easily. I also glue down the seam allowance around the edges. If I had to hand baste all of these hexies, I would not be doing this project J And here is the fabric that will go between my hexie flowers when they are put together…

This is a grey pebbly fabric. Instead of a traditional green for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden, I’m using this grey as a stone walkway among the flowers. The working title for this hexie quilt is Garden Pathway. We’ll see how it ends up going together, but I hope to start adding grey hexies to my completed flowers this week.

That’s about it. I will also try to work some on my embroidery projects this weekend. I’ve been able to make some progress on them and I’m looking forward to some finished projects soon!

I hope those of you in the US have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July celebration!

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