Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Week and the Stash Report

This week has been a mixed bag in my sewing room. I’ve spent some time working on Ronald McDonald House quilt stuff for my guild. I started working on a Disappearing Four Patch that the RMH Chair gave me to do. I realized why I have never attempted one…all the fiddly seams to match when you sew the blocks back together. Not my cup of tea. Ergh. I also got some more fabric cut for some RMH sew-ins we will be hosting over the next few months.

I finished my wall hanging for my ALYOF goal.

I will be writing more about this next week, but this is not my favorite project ever. However, it’s done and will go on the wall in my sewing room and I will enjoy it. J

I also spent a little time stitching out the July block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM.

I changed it up a bit from the original pattern, but I like it just fine.

Finally, I’ve been spending a little time every day working on the Butterfly Sampler for Sue Spargo’s Craftsy class.

It’s slow going, but I am soooo enjoying it. I just really enjoy applique and hand stitching. I have all the butterflies finally stitched down and started on the bodies this weekend. I have 8 more to go, so I hope to get them stitched down this evening. Then it will be time to start appliqueing some cotton fabrics on top of the wool.

It’s been five weeks since my last Stash Report, mostly because there hasn’t been any movement in my stash until this past week. I had .75 yard go out for guild projects, and I had about 2.75 yards out for completing the wall hanging. I wasted used a lot of fabric working with the monogramming and programming functions of my new sewing machine trying to make a label for the wall hanging. I finally just used a pen. Though, I haven’t given up on making labels with my machine…I just really wanted to get it done and decided three waste practice labels was enough. I also added some more fabric to my shelves…I picked up two more yards of Kona Snow for my ongoing RSC projects, and I also picked up a couple of fat quarter bundles while I was at the fabric store last week. So, my new numbers have a net increase in fabric added…

Stash Report Week 30 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            22.00 yards

Added in 2015:          45.25 yards

Total net used 2015: 23.25 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

So that’s about it from here for the week. This afternoon is another Ronald McDonald House quilts sew-in for our guild. 

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times for the Stash Report and at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. I also love the hand work, even more than piecing these days. Looking forward to seeing more on the butterflies.

  2. Those kitties are cute and I love that vintage kitchen project !: )

  3. Nice summery butterflies! What's next after the bodies? I am in the red on my stash report too. I need to finish up some films eyes so that I can do the backings. They are always good for yardage out!

  4. I've been working on some Guild quilts also. Machine quilting in my case. It feels good to get them done, and off my conscience. You've been making great progress on all your hand projects.

  5. You have some pretty projects going on. I like hand stitching too.

  6. I actually got to take a class from Sue...and you are right, her projects are so enjoyable!! Willl look forward to watching your progress with the butterflies!

  7. Nice projects! Great Kitty quilt and I love red work. Just putting the bodies on to the butterflies starts to give them some definition. Can't wait to see your stitching!

  8. So glad you are enjoying your butterfly project!
    And I adore your redwork block!

  9. Love those butterflies! Sounds like you had a very productive week.

  10. All of your projects look great. I am enjoying watching the butterflies emerge.

  11. Congrats on finishing so many of your projects. I know how you feel about wasting fabric and time trying to learn to use your embroidery machine for labels. I've been there too. You'll get it though.