Friday, July 17, 2015

I Knew It Would Happen

I’ve been putting off having my sewing machine serviced for a while now, but yesterday it finally said, “Enough!” A few times of bunching thread and finally a broken needle while free motion quilting, I decided to stop and take the Rose in for service. I’ve had my machine for nearly 18 years (!), and it is a trooper. But, I may look into trading it in today. I’ll have to see what they have in the shop that would be better for me. If I keep it, I will probably go ahead and find a nice lightweight sewing machine that I can take to quilt guild Bees and sew-ins. The Rose is 22 pounds, so she’s a bit hefty to haul around. Of course I guess I could even look for a case with wheels. We’ll see what I can find.

Before I stopped yesterday, I had most of the quilting done on my July ALYOF project. Here is the close up of the quilting...

I’ve done blanket stitch quilting around each cat in a shiny dark brown thread, and then I’ve just done a stipple around each cat in each block. I used a very light yellow Sulky thread for the yellow blocks and a variegated mint-y green Sulky thread for the other squares. I was on the last square when my needle finally broke and I finally called it quits…for now.

You can see the variegation in the thread…I’m not sure about the darkest part of the thread, since the background is so light. But I already had the thread and decided to use what I have. It was the only thread I had that was in the mint-y green color range, so I would have had to run to the store before quilting; and I didn’t want to do that J I think in the big scheme of things it won’t make a lot of difference.

So now I’m on hiatus from machine sewing until I get my machine back (unless I come home with something cool and groovy from the shop, or I see if my 30+ year old Kenmore will still work). Never fear, though, because I always have plenty of hand stitching to do J I think I’ll get some more done on the Sue Spargo butterfly sampler.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We’ll be weeding outside in the mornings and cleaning inside when it starts to get hot.

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