Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gloomy Thursday

It’s going to be another rainy day here…which is great for the garden and lawns. But it is so gloomy outside. I think this weekend will make up for it though with lots of sunshine (and heat!). What else can you expect for July?

Yesterday I was able to finish a couple of items. First, I finished my project for A Lovely Year of Finishes for July.

I’m still “meh” about this one. I had picked up a couple of packs of coordinating fat quarters a while back because I liked the colors. I really thought they would look nice in a wall hanging. I also had the cat dye cut for my AccuQuilt Go! Cutter and wanted to make something using that. So this wall hanging came into being. I was so disappointed with the low contrast. I added the border thinking it would help, but it didn’t really. I also used dark brown to do a blanket quilting stitch around the cats. Still didn’t work. The other thing I forgot to do was fuse Pellon 809 interfacing to the backing fabric for stability. So it is probably not going to hang very flat or straight. Plus my sewing machine was acting up while I was FMQ. Ergh. But, let’s end this on a positive note…I do like the fabrics and the colors, and this gave me the opportunity to jump right in and work with my new sewing machine. And, it will perk up my sewing room when I find a place to hang it. It’s all good, really. J

I also pulled out my embroidery needle and completed the July block for The Vintage Kitchen BOM from Jenny of Elefantz.

I did mine just a little bit different than her original pattern. I traced this at the beginning of the month, so I honestly can’t tell you all that I changed. J I know I left out a couple of bottles that peek out above and behind the jars. I just thought it would work fine without them, which I think it does. I also think the pickle jar was originally pears…but I have only canned jam and pickles, so I wanted a pickle jar. So, this was a little quickie I was able to do over the course of the afternoon…with all the normal interruptions of home.

This morning I have the house to myself, so I’ve already vacuumed and done some cleaning. I even made a doctor appointment…what fun. I will probably spend the rest of this morning doing some work on the computer and trying to become more familiar with Excel…I know, I’m behind the times. I will probably get some genealogy work done also, and then this afternoon I hope to spend more time stitching butterflies. It should be fun! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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