Monday, June 29, 2015

My Embroidery Projects

This past week I was able to work on the Vintage Skate embroidery…

I finished the holly berries!

I also started the next block for HocusPocusVille…

I have so enjoyed doing embroidery again. It had been many years since I did any, until I started working on a few projects last year. I do enjoy my time sitting down to stitch.

This week I plan on doing some more work on both projects, and I may even start on a Sue Spargo project. Thanks to the work Sarah at Quilting by the Sea in the UK has done on her butterflies, I decided to go ahead and take Sue’s class on Craftsy. I’m so inspired! I can’t wait to start working on the project. Over the past month or so I have been picking up some old embroidery and crewel books, and I had seen one of Sue Spargo’s books at the quilt shop last week and almost picked it up. When the woman at the counter said they will probably have a class in the fall on Sue’s work, I decided to wait and possibly take the class. Well, after seeing Sarah’s butterflies, I got too impatient and decided to take the Craftsy class. It looks so fun.

Today is my birthday, so I will probably spend today doing whatever I feel like doing, when I feel like doing it. That will probably include some stitching! I’ve already hit the grocery store and paid the bills, so the rest of the day is mine. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll be linking up at Super Mom – No Cape for the Vintage Stitchery Party


  1. well Happy Birthday! I don't know if you listen to podcasts or not but sandy at quilting for the rest of us took the sue spargo class as a beginner and has now become totally enamored with embrodery. She speaks very highly of the class.
    hopefully on your birthday you can sit, relax and watch some of it :-)

  2. Happy BDay!! Holly berries look nice...

  3. Happy Birthday!! It is always nice to see the progress you are making on your embroidery! Enjoy the Craftsy class.... I have taken several and I love them!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! When I took up embroidery a few years ago after many years of not doing it, I too rediscovered how much I love sitting down to stitch.

    Your vintage skate is coming along beautifully. And I'm looking forward to seeing more of your latest Hocus Pocus block.

    I can see why Sarah's butterflies made you decide to enroll in the Craftsy class now rather than wait until the fall.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs!