Monday, June 15, 2015

Halfway There

Halfway through the month already. It’s hard to believe, but what can you do? I was dealing with allergies and trying to get a migraine today…headache all night last night, trying to rev up today. But I’m feeling better now…thank you, Excedrin. That and a short nap can do wonders.

Anyway, when I have a full blow migraine I just need to lay down, but when it’s just “in the background” trying to take hold I can actually get some things done. I really can’t focus in the sewing room when I feel that way, but I can work on the computer. I don’t know why that it. So, I really didn’t get much done in the sewing room today. All I did was trim down the blocks for the Disappearing 9-Patch that I’m making for Ronald McDonald House. Here are the blocks on the design wall…

I received the 9-Patch blocks already sewn together by someone else. Then I cut them and reassembled them for the Disappearing 9-Patches. Some of the seams on the original blocks were a little off…

This is already reassembled into the new block, but that seam right there that is off was from the original 9-Patch. That’s about ¼ inch off. Fortunately the blocks all finished over 16 inches, so I was able to trim them down to 16 inches and now they are ready to be sewn into a top. I think I can get that done tomorrow, and then my ALYOF goal for June will be complete!

I also did a few piddly things around the house this morning…fill the bird feeder, pull some poison ivy from my planter, a load of laundry, and I listened to a podcast while on the stationary bike. So, I felt like I accomplished a few things this morning. The rest of the time I hung out at the computer working on genealogy. Today I focused on my great grandmother, Caroline.

I think I’ve found all the information I possibly have on her and have it sorted into her computer folder. Yay! I also did some searching on line for her and found a few little things, so I think maybe during this week I can get something written up about her. It would be nice to get something written up about a direct ancestor at least once every couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s about it. Tonight is tortellini night, with some bread sticks and salad from the garden. Yum. I hope you all had a great Monday!

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