Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stitching Away

I’ve gotten a little ways on my stitching this week. I was able to finish up the 4th block for HocusPocusVille…

I also started Block 11…though it’s the fifth block I’ve worked on this year. I traced them all out early last month, and this one was on top of the stack so it’s the one I grabbed. This is the traced block before I started stitching…

I also started a new embroidery project…like I need another one! I bought this Vintage Skate pattern from CrabApple Hills Studio…

This is an embroidered panel in a quilted wall hanging. My family skates, so I thought this would be cute for inside the front door during the winter months. I’ve had some skate decorations hanging there forever, but they’re looking their age so I thought it was time for something else.

So, I got it put together and traced and tinted, and this is what it looks like ready to stitch…

I did do some stitching on it yesterday, and hope to work on it more over the weekend, along with HocusPocusVille. 

I’ve prepared this skate pattern differently than any other embroidery I’ve done in the past. I’m using a white on white patterned fabric (I usually use solids) and I doubled the fabric rather than backing it with muslin. I don’t know why I did it that way, I just did. Maybe I was too lazy (or excited and impatient about starting a new project) to get out some muslin and wash it. I also spray basted the fabric together, which so far hasn’t been a problem with stitching.

I also normally use Pilot Frixion pens to trace out my patterns because they come out so easily with heat…and my tracing and embroidery mistakes disappear with the iron! Because the tinting method requires pressing the fabric after tracing, I used a brown .01 Pigma marker…AAAAAHHHH! Scary! I get a bit nervous using permanent markers. But, it actually turned out just fine. J

Then, once the tracing was done, I got down to the tinting. During an organizing frenzy in my sewing room a few years ago, I cleared out and donated all the crayons that I had in there. After 30+ years of crafting, 10 years of being a Girl Scout leader, 10 years of homeschooling, and having a kid who received crayons as gifts every holiday and birthday, I had SCADS of crayons around the house. So, I cleared them out. That meant that I had to go out and buy a brand new pack of Crayolas for this project…J So, I colored in the pattern, somewhat following the color recommendations, and then heat set the crayon. I tell you what…it was kind of like magic. The crayons are so waxy when going on the fabric, but once you heat set them, they kind of mellow out and melt into the fabric. The fabric ends up nice and smooth and you can’t tell there is anything on the surface.

So, that’s my week in stitching. As I said, this weekend will be devoted to stitching the skate and HocusPocusVille. We’ll be heading out camping this weekend, and this stitching is all I’m taking to do…kind of forcing me into working on them! There is also a good chance for rain while we’re gone, so I will likely have time to sit and stitch.

I will be linking up at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. Check out all the lovely projects there.


  1. Oh I love that skate ! : ) Makes me feel all Christmas-y : ) And how cute the village apothecary is...I like the lost dog sign; too funny.

  2. Wow, that skate pattern is going to be gorgeous. I am looking forward to watching its progress. I never before heard of using crayon to shade fabric. This is a new technique for me and it is beautiful. Love your stitching.

  3. The ice-skate piece is lovely without the stitching so I am sure it will be after. Love the tinting.

  4. I like Crabapple Hill patterns. Nice embroidery on HocusPocusVille…
    Linda M in NM!

  5. I love the look of your hand tinting! I have so many of Meg's patterns on my "someday" list--her designs are so addictive!

  6. Beautiful projects! I love hocuspocusville.... lost dog, call Dorothy... LOL!
    Enjoy your stitching!

  7. Hocuspocusville is coming along splendidly.

  8. You do lovely embroidery! These are great take-along projects!

  9. Have fun camping! Our family loved camping. We homeschooled our youngest two children.

  10. Great stitching projects. I love Crabapple Hill designs.

  11. Each of your projects are going to be lovely! I'm intrigued by the process you described for the antique skate. I've never colored a project before embroidering it.

    I've recently started a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered and I'd love to have you come link up this post so that my readers can enjoy it too. I do hope you'll come join in.