Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stash Report for Week 22

It’s been a while since I did a stash report. Things have just been a bit busy around here.

Since my last report, I’ve added more fabric for my guild’s challenge for next year…so that’s 3 more yards in. I think there is one piece of fabric I bought that won’t work for the challenge, so that will probably end up going onto my shelves to be used for something else. But, the remaining challenge fabric will sit until I’m ready to do something with it. I have an idea, so I’m still looking for more fabric to add to that stack of fabrics. So don’t be surprised if the numbers continue to go up!

I also picked up another yard of fabric to start an embroidery project…Vintage Skate from Crabapple Hills Studio…

This will be the centerpiece of a quilted wall hanging. I’ve gotten a little bit of stitching done on it already. I do hope to finish it up this summer.

As far as fabric out…I used up about one yard of fabric this month for my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Other than these projects, I’ve mostly been working on my 9-Patches, and I won’t count those fabrics out until I’ve completed the tops.

Stash Report Week 22 of 2015

Used in 2015:            18.00 yards

Added in 2015:          30.75 yards

Total net used 2015: 12.75 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times for the Stash Report.

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  1. I like that Vintage Skate Pattern. Sounds like most of what you bought has a purpose, so hopefully it will go back out befor e too long.