Friday, April 3, 2015

This Week in Stitching

I was able to finish the third block of HocusPocusVille…

I got it done on Tuesday, so that means I was still keeping up with completing one block per month…barely! But it’s done (except there should be a cat at the bottom left of the ladder and I'm not sure if I will put a cat button there or stitch it in). I have a few more blocks traced out already, so I will probably work on those this month. I also traced out the fourth block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM, so I’ll have that to work on as well.

Finally, I started stitching down the binding on a charity quilt. I want to turn that in at the guild meeting Tuesday, so that is all that is on my agenda for the weekend…completing that binding.

That’s it for stitching. I will probably be running out to California next week for a family matter and be gone until the end of the month. I’ll take along my embroidery to keep my hands busy.

1 comment:

  1. I like that one -- it looks less intimidating than some of the other blocks in the quilt. Almost un-intimidating enough for me to pull out my own and get to work on it. :-) Do you have a cat button in mind, or will you have to look for one?