Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday’s Plan

That’s a photo of a lap quilt I made for my dad a couple of years ago. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs, and it’s my “go to” pattern for a quick quilt. I made this quilt out of homespun fabrics (which in my experience tend to unravel), and when I got this quilt back home and ran it through the wash, I noticed some seams were loose on it. So, yesterday I put it under the walking foot, and now all the seams are back in place. I’ve put this in the trailer for our camping trip this weekend.

I was also able to piece together a backing for the flannel quilt I’m making for the trailer. Here is the quilt top…

I picked up some ticking for leader cloths and attached them to my quilt frame yesterday, so this morning I plan on loading this quilt on the frame and getting started on it. I think I know how I want to quilt it, so hopefully I can still get it quilted and the binding machine stitched on to take with us. Then I can hand stitch the binding on it over the weekend. My hubby is planning another camping trip in a couple of weeks, so I’m pretty certain it will be ready by that trip.

I also hope to get some work done on the 4th block of HocusPocusVille today. I did a little bit on it yesterday, and I still hope to get it done by the last day of April.

Otherwise, in between I’ll be continuing on today what I was doing yesterday. I did make it out to run some errands – though I have to go out again tomorrow for some more errands. But today will be a day at home. I still have lots to do to get the trailer ready for Friday; plus I have some things to do in the house before we leave. I got the English Muffins made yesterday, so the next few days will be days to make a batch of refrigerator pickles for next week, and a crock pot full of chili so we can take some this weekend. I also need to make a batch of mac & cheese so all we have to do is heat that up for dinner Friday night when we get to the campsite.

Today I’ll be doing loads (and loads!) of laundry and getting the trailer packed up (my hubby got it cleaned up over the weekend). That will probably also fill up the rest of my week! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall This Week

My Design Wall has everything I completed in April. Not much, but I was out of town 10 days. The top redwork embroidery is from Jenny of Elefantz’s Vintage Kitchen BOM, otherwise the blocks are all from my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.

I have also done some work on the 4th HocusPocusVille block since I’ve been home, though I haven’t taken a photo of my progress yet. I still hope to finish it this week.

Yesterday I was supposed to head out to our guild Ronald McDonald House quilting get-together, but apparently something we ate decided to haunt my husband and me. So, our plans were scrapped for the day and we stayed at home (he was supposed to skate yesterday afternoon). Bummer.

Today, I need to run over to the pet store to pick up some Pill Pockets for the dogs, and since Joann’s is right next door I may need to stop in. J I actually would like to pick up some ticking for leader cloths for my quilt frame. Saturday night we added the extra five feet to my quilt frame, so now I have a full ten feet of quilting frame. I have several large quilts that have been waiting to be quilted until we added those five feet. I have ticking I could piece together, but I think I would prefer having 10 continuous feet of leader cloth instead of pieced cloth. Last time I was in there they didn’t have 10 continuous feet on their bolts, so I’ll have to see what they have today.

Aside from that trip out, I will be making some pasta salad for dinner, and working on getting the trailer ready to head out for a weekend at Cumberland Mountain State Park. This time next week, I’ll be right here…

Well, actually I think we have the campsite directly across the road from this one, but you get the picture. No (good) wi-fi, so the computers and iPads will stay at home J.

I hope to also be able to work on HocusPocusVille, and I would like to piece a backing for the flannel quilt for the trailer. If I can get the backing pieced today and load the quilt on the quilt frame, I still may be able to get it quilted this week, and get the binding on to the point of needing to hand stitch it down. I may not get it stitched down before we leave this weekend, but I can take it with me and finish it over the weekend. Fingers crossed!

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times with Design Wall Monday. Head over for some lovely projects.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Stash Report

I haven’t done a stash report for the month of April, but not a lot has changed. My father passed away over Easter weekend and we made a trip out to California for his service, so we haven’t even been back home for a week yet. Before I left I did a little bit in the sewing room, and since we got back Monday I’ve been hanging out in the sewing room, but not getting much more done. I have used up about .5 yard working through my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for April.

Stash Report Week 17 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            11.75 yards

Added in 2015:          9.75 yards

Total net used 2015: 2.0 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

A few days ago I also bagged up 10 plastic grocery bags full of fabric from my scrap/stash/backing pile. They really were taking up lots of space in my sewing room, and I need to clear some things out to make room for some changes in here. So, those are probably going to the thrift store. These are fabrics that aren’t just bits and pieces; they are fabrics of a yard or more each. I hope someone can put them to good use. It’s actually a relief just to have them out of the sewing room. I’m not counting that fabric out of my stash, because I want to use my Stash Report as a record for me to see what I actually use (or add!).

And, I did bring home a huge bag of my dad’s flannel shirts. I need to run them through the wash and figure out what I have, then I will get them cut up and add them to my stash. I think I will make some simple lap quilts out of them for both of my sisters and myself.

I knew I was going to be heading out for a long trip, so I went ahead and finished tracing the remaining blocks for HocusPocusVille so I had something to occupy my time on the trip. Wouldn’t you know that I didn’t pick up my stitching even one time!

Before we left I did complete the April block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM at Jenny of Elefantz…

These are such cute and quick little projects. I’m looking forward to putting together the wall hanging when the embroideries are done.

Since I didn’t get a chance to work on stitching while on my trip, I am going to focus on getting the next HocusPocusVille block done this coming week.

This afternoon is another get together for Ronald McDonald House quilts for our guild. Today we will be quilting, so I have my machine and walking foot all ready to go. I may be adventurous and bring along my FMQ foot too. I hope you all have a slow and pieceful Sunday!

I will be linking up with the Stash Report at Patchwork Times.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge for April

Since this is the last Saturday in April, and since I’m not going to be completing any more projects for this month for RSC, I will do a recap of what I’ve accomplished with my purple projects for April.

First, I must say that I loved working with the purples. I’m not a huge fan of purple, but I had a lot of scraps from a project I worked on a couple of years ago, so it was nice to use some of that fabric. And the purple was surprisingly soothing to my eyes!

I completed both Sampler blocks for April…

I completed the first Sampler block the day Angela posted it, then I just completed the second one Wednesday after getting back from our trip. For some reason I had quite the problem with the second block. I suspect my mind and heart weren’t really into sewing, but I needed to be back in the sewing room. But, after I got the center 9-patch part done, I realized I had sewn one row upside down, and the other two rows were totally off on their seams. Ugh. I got the one row right side up, but it took me three more times to get the other two rows lined up properly to where I was happy (enough) with them. Double Ugh. But, they’re done and ready to go into the finished quilt.

I was also able to complete my purple postage stamp block on Wednesday…

I love it!

Before I left town earlier this month, I was able to also complete my two purple trees for the Rainbow Forest…

…the paper pieced cat…

…and one hexie flower.

So that’s it for me for purple in April. I’m waiting for the color for May and look forward to completing more colorful projects. I will be linking up at SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Head on over for some lovely purple projects.

Friday, April 24, 2015

ALYOF April Finish

My goal for April (#2 at the Goal Setting Party) was to hand stitch down the binding on a charity quilt for Ronald McDonald House. I needed a quick finish for the month, because I knew I’d probably be gone part of the month. So, I got the binding done in the first few days of the month and I was able to turn it in at our guild meeting on the 5th of April.

May will be a busy month, so I’ll have to come up with another goal that will be reasonable. I have so many options!

I will be linking up with the April Finishes Party for A Lovely Year of Finishes at Sew BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts. Head over to see some lovely projects.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Home Again

Well, I’m back home. We left April 11 and just got back Monday, April 20. I was out in California for my dad’s memorial service. He passed away over Easter weekend. It wasn’t unexpected, but it was sooner than expected. He went home on Friday at noon under hospice care, and died Saturday morning. He wanted to be home. I think once he realized he was back home, he was ready, even if we thought he had more time.

We had planned a trip for this spring to visit him, so this trip was sort of planned in advance. We just didn’t know we were going for a funeral instead of a visit. But, my dad had a really rough year health-wise, so now that’s over for him. I am glad the end was quick, rather than lingering. I am glad I’ve taken the time over the past 5+ years since my mom passed to call him every 2-3 days to chat. Sometimes the chat lasted 2 minutes; other times 20 minutes. I’m also very thankful I was able to speak to him on one of his last lucid days a couple of weeks before he passed away.

It will be hard to not pick up the phone to call him, forgetting that he's gone…the same as when my mom died. But I know that will pass. I will certainly miss him.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Design Wall for April 6, 2015

I cleared off everything on my Design Wall from March, so here is what I’ve done so far in April…

Just a few things on my Design Wall from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for April. The color for April is purple (obviously!) and it has been nice and relaxing to work with the purple fabrics after the bright yellows of March. Last week I put together the paper pieced cat and stitched the hexie flower – they still have paper backing on them, that’s why they are clipped to the Design Wall. Yesterday afternoon I sat down and made the first Sampler block for April. I think it turned out OK.

Things are a bit up in the air right now, so I’m not sure what I’m going to work on (if anything) this week; so I have no goals for this week. This morning I know I will sit down and finish up the fourth block in the Vintage Kitchen BOM. I just have a little bit left to finish it, so that will probably take less than an hour. Then there are some household chores to deal with. After that, I’ll see what’s going on.

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times. Head over for some lovely projects.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

RSC – Purple

I pulled out my purple fabrics last week…

But I didn’t do a lot with them yet. I was able to put together my paper pieced cat…

…and I got the squares cut for my purple postage stamp block. I also found some purple fabric cut and ready to go to make a hexie flower, so I got that done as well…

That’s it for purple so far. I also was able to finish up my last item from March RSC…this yellow batik tree for the Rainbow Forest…

I’ll probably be taking off next weekend for California on a family matter, so I don’t really know how much more work on RSC I’ll be able to accomplish in April. I’ll probably have to push purple projects into May.

I will be linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy. Head on over for some lovely purple projects.

Friday, April 3, 2015

This Week in Stitching

I was able to finish the third block of HocusPocusVille…

I got it done on Tuesday, so that means I was still keeping up with completing one block per month…barely! But it’s done (except there should be a cat at the bottom left of the ladder and I'm not sure if I will put a cat button there or stitch it in). I have a few more blocks traced out already, so I will probably work on those this month. I also traced out the fourth block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM, so I’ll have that to work on as well.

Finally, I started stitching down the binding on a charity quilt. I want to turn that in at the guild meeting Tuesday, so that is all that is on my agenda for the weekend…completing that binding.

That’s it for stitching. I will probably be running out to California next week for a family matter and be gone until the end of the month. I’ll take along my embroidery to keep my hands busy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ALYOF April Goal

My ALYOF goals for this year so far have been working on the Times and Seasons Piecemakers Calendar from 1998. So far, so good. However, this month real life is throwing me a curveball so I need to change things up a bit. I may be out of the state on a family matter for quite a bit of April, so I am going to scale way back on my goals for the month.

For my April ALYOF goal, I want to stitch down the binding on this charity quilt…

This is part of the backing. It’s the cute flannel quilt with snowmen that I quilted earlier in March, and then machine stitched on the binding. It’s been waiting for about 2 weeks for me to turn the binding and hand stitch it down. So that is my goal. This is a guild quilt for Ronald McDonald House.

As far as other things go…

Yesterday I loaded another Ronald McDonald House quilt onto my long arm, so I think I will spend some time today trying to get that quilted. I’d also like to get some binding for it cut and sewn together so I can take the quilted top and binding to our guild meeting next week. There are many members who enjoy doing binding, so this one would be all ready to go for one of them.

I also plan on working on projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in April as time permits. The color is purple, and it is really soothing looking at all the purple fabric when I lay it out on the cutting table. Last month was yellow, which was bright and pretty, but right now I need the soothing colors. I’ll complete what I can, when I can, for the RSC.

Finally, the only other thing I plan to work on in April is some embroidery. This is very portable, so I plan on getting some more blocks for HocusPocusVille traced and ready to take with me when I head out. I also have the 4th block from Jenny of Elefantz for the Vintage Kitchen BOM, so maybe I’ll get that traced today as well.

That’s it. We will be planting the garden over Easter weekend, so I know from now until September I’ll be spending more of my free time outside and less in the sewing room. I’m so ready for spring!

I’ll be linking up at Fiber of All Sorts and Sew BitterSweet Designs for the April Goal Setting Party for A Lovely Year of Finishes.