Monday, March 2, 2015

Marching On…

I’m hoping the promise of spring brings warmer weather everywhere. We’ve finally gotten rid of most of the ice and snow here, and our temperatures are actually going to be up into the 50s and maybe 60s this week (with a little bit of 30s and snow mixed in later in the week). This will be a busy quilting month…I’ll have a guild meeting, a guild board meeting, Ronald McDonald House quilts get-together, and a big quilt show to attend in the Smoky Mountains. I’m looking forward to all of it!

I’m ready to clear off my Design Wall and put up some new things. Here is where it stands…

These are the pink projects I made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for February. The only other pink item I think I will work on this month is the alternate block for the Rainbow Sampler quilt project. Otherwise, these are all ready to go into the project box until later.

For this month, I need to complete the next blocks for March for A Lovely Year of Finishes. My goal is to make the top right square and triangle blocks with the reindeer and trees in the snowy mountains…

I don’t have quite enough of the dark blue fabric I wanted to use for the night sky, but I think I found something else that will work. Completing these will be my official goal for the Goal Setting party for March ALYOF.

This month I also want to continue with my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The color for March is yellow, so I will probably have to scrape to find yellows in my stash. I know I had some for a project last year, so I can probably find enough to get by. I’m not really sure if I have any yellow batiks for my Rainbow Forest. I’ll have to start searching.

The only other quilt projects I want to work on are three tops I have that need borders. I have the borders made for all three, but I haven’t sewn them on yet. I really would like to get those borders sewn on this week. I hope to be able to show 3 completed tops by next week!

Finally this month, I have some handwork that I want to continue with. I have a 9-Patch I’m hand quilting; I want to finish a Redwork block; I’ll have the third block in the Vintage Kitchen BOM to complete; and I would like to trace out and complete the third block from HocuPocusVille.

That’s about it…I’m looking ahead to March!


  1. Yellow will sure brighten up your day. Your pink blocks are great and so different from each other! How fun.

  2. Good luck with all your goals this month.