Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Week in Review…

No fabric came in again this week, but I used .25 of a yard making my star blocks for the Times and Seasons quilt top.

Stash Report Week 7 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            6 yards

Added in 2015:          2 yards

Total net used 2015: 4 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

I did a little bit of work this week on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge; I pieced my pink cat block and got fabric together for a few more pink blocks. I will count all of the RSC blocks out of my stash at the end of February.

This week I also started a crochet project and have been working on it off and on (mostly off!) all week. I’m making a lacey scarf from Judy’s Boiled Crawfish from The Loopy Ewe. I love the color Judy! Here are the two skeins rolled into balls…

And here is the progress on my scarf…

I also did a little bit this week on HocusPocusVille…

Still on Block 2! I hope to get some work done on this tonight. We’ve been working on fixing up the bathroom all weekend, so I didn’t really spend much time doing “my own thing”.

I also sewed on the buttons for my Beehive wall hanging. Yay! Now it can go on the wall…whenever I take the stepstool in the sewing room! The bee buttons are so cute…

I also got the remaining flannel blocks pieced into a top. I took my leftover strips from the blocks and made four borders, so I hope to get those put on soon. I have to wait to quilt this top until we add the extra 5 feet of quilting frame (I only have 5 feet up, and this quilt is wider than that). But we won’t be working on the frame until the bathroom is done. Hopefully by the beginning on March I can get the flannel quilt done and quilted, then ready for camping in May.

Finally, earlier this month I became the co-chair of the Ronald McDonald House quilts for our quilt guild. So, I brought home 7 quilt tops and partial quilt tops (mainly to store them). I did put two on the long arm and got them quilted and trimmed. I also had enough backing from one to make the binding, so I pieced that and machine stitched it on the front. It’s just ready for someone to take home and hand stitch it down. I also put the borders on a couple of the other quilts. I may try to get one more quilted and the binding put on this coming week. Next Sunday we will meet to baste quilts…I believe my co-chair has a slew of finished tops at her house because she said the next two times we meet for RMH will be spent basting. I haven’t yet been to a RMH get-together, so I’m not sure how many people generally show up. But hopefully if there are about 10 or 12 then plenty of quilts will get done. I will probably bring some home to machine quilt them as well.

I will be linking up with the Stash Report at Patchwork Times. Head over to see the great projects everyone is working on. 


  1. Wow, those are some tiny star blocks for the Times and Seasons quilt! What are they 3"? All of your projects are looking great. RMH is a good organization.

  2. Congrats on being in the black. Love the colors in your flannel quilt.The star blocks look great. Kudos for meeting your ALOF goal already. I need to go sew so I can meet mine!

  3. Good numbetrs. Your flannel quilt looks warm and cuddly. That would feel real good here now--we are getting very cold temps and more snow. brrr You were very busy with all your sewing and being a co-chair to RMD house. That is such a worthwhile cause. Thanks for volunteering.