Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stitching Day

Obviously yesterday was a good day to stay inside and do some hand quilting. I was moving along with my grandmother’s 9-Patch when I took it out of the hoop to move to the next section, then this happened…

Feline Interruptus…quite the common condition around here. So, that was it for the quilting. She wasn’t going to budge. That’s OK, though, because I was able to pick up my HocusPocusVille block and do some work on it. I hope to spend more time this week on it and get it finished. We’re expecting a few more inches of snow overnight tonight, so I won’t be going anywhere today or tomorrow. This weekend should get into the 50s (yay!) and possibly up into the 60s next week. So the snow will be gone soon. We might have another snow event or two before spring actually gets here, but I’m really hoping not to see more of the white stuff until next winter.

I hope you all have a wonderful and warm day!

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