Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ALYOF February Finish

My goal for February (#34 on the goal setting link-up) was to complete the next blocks for the Times and Seasons Calendar Quilt. That meant the star block and triangle star block in the upper left corner of the quilt…

I was able to get it done, but with a little fudging of the pattern. OK, a lot of fudging. OK, I tossed the pattern out. I don’t know what the Piecemaker calendar directions are like now, but in 1998 when this pattern was published, they didn’t give directions for rotary cutting; only templates. Ugh, templates. I really don’t mind templates too much, but the star block is a Lemoyne-ish kind of star with a lot of pieces, and I started out making the templates, then I decided against it. I decided to make it fun and not exasperating, so I just made a big wonky star for the block and smaller wonky stars for the triangle corner block. The triangle corner block stars in the pattern were less complicated than the large star, but since I was already making one wonky star I decided two smaller ones were no big deal. So, that’s what I did. They still turned out okay. Here they are done.

The following is my little rant about this pattern…

What I’m finding with this pattern (aside from all the templates for piecing) is that there is not a lot of precise measuring for the blocks. Or at least measuring that makes complete sense to me. For example, it might say to draw a square on the fabric 14-1/2 inches square, then cut “roughly ½ inch around all sides” for a block size. Huh. OK. I’ll plan on 14-1/2 inch finished blocks. My star blocks are just a smidge oversize but that’s going to be fine because I’ll be able to cut them down to fit in with the quilt.

When I was going through the templates and measuring them, the corner squares for the large star block measured at 5-3/8 inches unfinished. Some templates measured to the 1/16 of an inch. Nothing was ¼ or ½ inch increments, which kind of put me off. Not that I can’t measure that small, but I really was hoping this wouldn’t be so “different”. Anyway, the unfinished star block, after measuring all the templates and figuring out seam allowance, etc., would measure something like 14-7/8 inches square. Really? That’s 3/8 inch bigger than the applique blocks. So, my star block measures 15 inches unfinished. Since I made the wonky stars instead of the star in the pattern, I actually have wiggle room without cutting off star points if I have to cut it down to fit in the quilt top. I think this is going to get interesting…

I think there are only two or three more pieced blocks, so hopefully I can work my way around any problems I run into. I’m not worried much about the applique blocks…those should be pretty easy (she says confidently!) I really am looking forward to working on the remainder of this quilt; I just need to be prepared for a Plan B with the blocks. I may even just switch to applique on the remaining pieced blocks…I think they are butterflies, flowers, and pumpkins. I’m sure I can find something that will work in applique.

OK, end of my whining. I will be linking up at Fiber of All Sorts and Sew BitterSweet Designs for the February Finishes link-up for A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015. Head over to see all the great projects. I think I’ll head back to the sewing room. We got a couple of more inches of snow last night and are expecting another 1-3 more before it stops at noon. I think I’ll just go hibernate for the rest of the winter…


  1. I think your stars turned out great! I love the colors you are using. Personally, I think the pieced part of that quilt would be the ONLY part I did not worry about. It looks very complicated! I look forward to seeing yours develop.

  2. Wow, sounds like a challenge! The stars look good. Congrats on making your goal.