Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge – February Round-Up

Pink was a good color choice for me for February’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I actually have quite a bit of pink fabric, even though it’s not one I use much. But it was good to get a chance to clear some off my shelves, even if only a little bit.

This past week, I was able to get my pink trees done for the Rainbow Forest…

They look a little purple, but my batik scraps are limited, so this is at least close to pink.

I was also able to put together a pink house from the RSC 2014…

I obviously wasn’t thinking when I put this together and I didn’t turn the square so the cats in the cat fabric were sitting in windows, as I had originally planned. So, let’s just say they’re lying down in the windows. I also was able to get some of the small pink border house blocks done this week.

Yesterday I cut the 2.5 inch squares for the pink alternate block for the sampler, but I haven’t had the chance to put them together.

Earlier this month I was able to complete a pink paper pieced cat, my two Rainbow Sampler blocks for February, one 100 piece postage stamp block, and I cut out a bunch of large hexies for a future project. The only thing I didn’t complete was putting together any small pink hexie flowers. Maybe later…

So, here is what I’ve done in pink this month…

Not bad for a short month. Now, on to March. Head over to SoScrappy to see all the great pink projects from February.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stitching Day

Obviously yesterday was a good day to stay inside and do some hand quilting. I was moving along with my grandmother’s 9-Patch when I took it out of the hoop to move to the next section, then this happened…

Feline Interruptus…quite the common condition around here. So, that was it for the quilting. She wasn’t going to budge. That’s OK, though, because I was able to pick up my HocusPocusVille block and do some work on it. I hope to spend more time this week on it and get it finished. We’re expecting a few more inches of snow overnight tonight, so I won’t be going anywhere today or tomorrow. This weekend should get into the 50s (yay!) and possibly up into the 60s next week. So the snow will be gone soon. We might have another snow event or two before spring actually gets here, but I’m really hoping not to see more of the white stuff until next winter.

I hope you all have a wonderful and warm day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ALYOF February Finish

My goal for February (#34 on the goal setting link-up) was to complete the next blocks for the Times and Seasons Calendar Quilt. That meant the star block and triangle star block in the upper left corner of the quilt…

I was able to get it done, but with a little fudging of the pattern. OK, a lot of fudging. OK, I tossed the pattern out. I don’t know what the Piecemaker calendar directions are like now, but in 1998 when this pattern was published, they didn’t give directions for rotary cutting; only templates. Ugh, templates. I really don’t mind templates too much, but the star block is a Lemoyne-ish kind of star with a lot of pieces, and I started out making the templates, then I decided against it. I decided to make it fun and not exasperating, so I just made a big wonky star for the block and smaller wonky stars for the triangle corner block. The triangle corner block stars in the pattern were less complicated than the large star, but since I was already making one wonky star I decided two smaller ones were no big deal. So, that’s what I did. They still turned out okay. Here they are done.

The following is my little rant about this pattern…

What I’m finding with this pattern (aside from all the templates for piecing) is that there is not a lot of precise measuring for the blocks. Or at least measuring that makes complete sense to me. For example, it might say to draw a square on the fabric 14-1/2 inches square, then cut “roughly ½ inch around all sides” for a block size. Huh. OK. I’ll plan on 14-1/2 inch finished blocks. My star blocks are just a smidge oversize but that’s going to be fine because I’ll be able to cut them down to fit in with the quilt.

When I was going through the templates and measuring them, the corner squares for the large star block measured at 5-3/8 inches unfinished. Some templates measured to the 1/16 of an inch. Nothing was ¼ or ½ inch increments, which kind of put me off. Not that I can’t measure that small, but I really was hoping this wouldn’t be so “different”. Anyway, the unfinished star block, after measuring all the templates and figuring out seam allowance, etc., would measure something like 14-7/8 inches square. Really? That’s 3/8 inch bigger than the applique blocks. So, my star block measures 15 inches unfinished. Since I made the wonky stars instead of the star in the pattern, I actually have wiggle room without cutting off star points if I have to cut it down to fit in the quilt top. I think this is going to get interesting…

I think there are only two or three more pieced blocks, so hopefully I can work my way around any problems I run into. I’m not worried much about the applique blocks…those should be pretty easy (she says confidently!) I really am looking forward to working on the remainder of this quilt; I just need to be prepared for a Plan B with the blocks. I may even just switch to applique on the remaining pieced blocks…I think they are butterflies, flowers, and pumpkins. I’m sure I can find something that will work in applique.

OK, end of my whining. I will be linking up at Fiber of All Sorts and Sew BitterSweet Designs for the February Finishes link-up for A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015. Head over to see all the great projects. I think I’ll head back to the sewing room. We got a couple of more inches of snow last night and are expecting another 1-3 more before it stops at noon. I think I’ll just go hibernate for the rest of the winter…

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday, Monday

Good news…the ice and snow have stopped falling from the sky. It has been such a dreadful time for the past couple of weeks here in east Tennessee. I know it’s just plain awful everywhere else, but I am pretty much over being stuck in the house. This week should be cold…only in the 30s for highs…but at least the skies should be clear and hopefully all the snow and ice will melt and we can safely walk outside and get the car out of the driveway!

I have some color on my Design Wall this morning…

These are the blocks I’ve made so far this month (except for the cat block, which has been put away) for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I still have my pink Rainbow house blocks to go for the final week of February. So, as far as my goals for the week go, all I want to get done are the house blocks. Beyond that, I’ll play it by ear. I have plenty to keep me busy J

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Head over to see all the lovely projects everyone is working on. And have a great (and warm) week! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stash Report and the Week in Review…

No fabric in and no fabric out this week, so my numbers didn’t change. They will change next week because I have to make a trip to a quilt shop for our guild (and I’m sure I won’t come home empty handed) and I will also be able to count out the fabric for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for February.

Stash Report Week 8 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            6 yards

Added in 2015:          2 yards

Total net used 2015: 4 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

I didn’t do a lot in the sewing room this week. Early in the week I spent time working on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and was able to put together a couple of blocks. I wrote about that yesterday in this post.

The rest of the week I spent mostly working on hand stitching. I was able to put the binding on a quilt for Ronald McDonald House and I completed the February block for the Vintage Kitchen Block of the Month from Jenny of Elefantz

Otherwise, I just worked on some more embroidery for HocusPocusVille and a Christmas Redwork block, which I wrote about here.

That’s about it. Not much. This afternoon members of my quilt guild are meeting at Joann’s to work on quilts for Ronald McDonald House. I became the co-chair for these charity quilts at our meeting earlier this month, so I’ll be doing a bit more with the guild now. I think I’m happy about that ;) It is good for me to be more involved, and I really like our local RMH…so I think this will be a good fit for now.

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report at Patchwork Times. Head over to see what everyone has been up to. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

In the Pink

Another pink week for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for February. I did get a little bit done in pink. I put together 100 squares for my postage stamps…

I like it!

I also completed the second Sampler Block for February…

I’m really pleased so far with the Sampler blocks. The sawtooth stars are so pretty. I can’t wait to put alternate blocks up with these…

I’m hoping to get my pink trees put together next week. I don’t know if I’ll get any hexies put together, but I think that’s all I have left to do on my pink scraps. I’ll be linking up with Angela at SoScrappy for the February Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sit and Stitch

This has been a great week to sit around the house stitching.

We’ve had ice, snow, and below freezing temperatures all week. I know, most everyone else has, too. We’re not used to it here in the southeast, so we tend to complain more J

Needless to say, I have been able to get some stitching done here this week.

I finished up the second block from the Vintage Kitchen BOM at Jenny of Elefantz.

I love this little apron. I ventured a little bit away from the pattern in that there were cross stitches across the waistband and along the hem of the apron. I chose to just do some “top stitching”. So, I’m done with this BOM for February, and here is where we are so far in 2015 with the Vintage Kitchen BOM…

I haven’t made much progress on HocusPocusVille. I’m still on Block 2…

I really hope to get this done in the next week, and move on to Block 3. Hopefully I can at least keep up with completing one block per month.

I also have some other projects to work on in the upcoming week.  I’m hand stitching the binding down on a quilt for our guild for Ronald McDonald House…

Isn’t that cute backing? It is flannel, so it will be nice and snuggly.

I also have my grandmother’s 9-Patch hooped up and ready to quilt…

I’m doing a fan pattern and have started it, but that’s about it. I’ve written about this quilt in the past, but the short story is that after my grandmother passed away (a long time ago) my mom brought back  some quilts and quilt blocks that my grandmother made and gave them to me. These blocks were part of that gift. I finally got them put together last year and now I need to quilt it. I was going to hand quilt it on my frame, then decided to just baste it on the frame and quilt it in a hoop.

The last thing I have to work on is this little Redwork Christmas block…

For our November guild swap we are making Christmas Redwork blocks, so I’m starting early. I wanted to do one that wasn’t so “Christmas-y”, and I think this one will fit the bill.

I will be linking up over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A New Week Ahead…

I’m ready for the new week, though it will be a cold one here in the Southeast. We’re expecting about 3 inches of snow today/tonight, then about 1/3 inch of ice on top of that. The temperatures are not supposed to get above freezing until the weekend, so we may just be snow bound this week. I just made some refrigerator pickles; I may bake a blackberry pie this afternoon from berries in the freezer from this past summer (assuming the power stays on – we’re all electric and I’m not going to bake it on the wood stove J); and we’re planning on lasagna for dinner. Sounds like a busy day to me! It’s just started sleeting so I may just go downstairs and sneak in some sewing time.

I looked at my Design Wall today and this is what it looks like…

Same as last week. Ugh. I hope by next Monday I’ll have a fourth Sampler Block up there.

There are a few things I would like to get accomplished this week in the sewing room. I want to put the borders on my flannel quilt, so it will be ready to quilt and bind and be ready for camping.

I also want to finish Block 2 of HocusPocusVille, and then embroider the February block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM. I’ll try to get that traced out today so it’s ready for a “sit and stitch”. I also hope to get Block 3 of HocusPocusVille traced out and started. I think I will have plenty of stitching time this week.

The other things I want to work on this week are my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The color for February is pink, so I would like to build my pink house blocks this week. I would also like to get my 100 pink 1-1/2 inch squares pieced into a block. And finally, I would like to make the Sampler Block #2 for February. I have all the fabrics sitting out for these projects, so it’s just a matter of grabbing and sewing when I get to the sewing room.

I guess that’s all I’m going to plan. I know I’ll probably have to head out for some errands near the end of the week (when the ice melts off the roads!), but aside from that I think I can get some quality time in with my sewing machine J

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Head over to see all the lovely projects. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Week in Review…

No fabric came in again this week, but I used .25 of a yard making my star blocks for the Times and Seasons quilt top.

Stash Report Week 7 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            6 yards

Added in 2015:          2 yards

Total net used 2015: 4 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

I did a little bit of work this week on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge; I pieced my pink cat block and got fabric together for a few more pink blocks. I will count all of the RSC blocks out of my stash at the end of February.

This week I also started a crochet project and have been working on it off and on (mostly off!) all week. I’m making a lacey scarf from Judy’s Boiled Crawfish from The Loopy Ewe. I love the color Judy! Here are the two skeins rolled into balls…

And here is the progress on my scarf…

I also did a little bit this week on HocusPocusVille…

Still on Block 2! I hope to get some work done on this tonight. We’ve been working on fixing up the bathroom all weekend, so I didn’t really spend much time doing “my own thing”.

I also sewed on the buttons for my Beehive wall hanging. Yay! Now it can go on the wall…whenever I take the stepstool in the sewing room! The bee buttons are so cute…

I also got the remaining flannel blocks pieced into a top. I took my leftover strips from the blocks and made four borders, so I hope to get those put on soon. I have to wait to quilt this top until we add the extra 5 feet of quilting frame (I only have 5 feet up, and this quilt is wider than that). But we won’t be working on the frame until the bathroom is done. Hopefully by the beginning on March I can get the flannel quilt done and quilted, then ready for camping in May.

Finally, earlier this month I became the co-chair of the Ronald McDonald House quilts for our quilt guild. So, I brought home 7 quilt tops and partial quilt tops (mainly to store them). I did put two on the long arm and got them quilted and trimmed. I also had enough backing from one to make the binding, so I pieced that and machine stitched it on the front. It’s just ready for someone to take home and hand stitch it down. I also put the borders on a couple of the other quilts. I may try to get one more quilted and the binding put on this coming week. Next Sunday we will meet to baste quilts…I believe my co-chair has a slew of finished tops at her house because she said the next two times we meet for RMH will be spent basting. I haven’t yet been to a RMH get-together, so I’m not sure how many people generally show up. But hopefully if there are about 10 or 12 then plenty of quilts will get done. I will probably bring some home to machine quilt them as well.

I will be linking up with the Stash Report at Patchwork Times. Head over to see the great projects everyone is working on. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

RSC – Valentine’s Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day all! We don’t usually do much of anything for Valentine’s Day, and this year will probably not be any different. We might go out for lunch, but it’s doubtful. We pulled out the shower in our master bath Thursday night and are in the middle of getting it prepared to tile, so I think that is what will be on the agenda for the entire weekend. However, I did splurge and made sure we do have chocolate covered strawberries just for kicks and grins.

I got a bit accomplished in the sewing room this week, but not the RSC goals I had hoped. My goals were to complete a paper pieced cat and some pink house blocks from the RSC 2014. I did get the cat done…

But I only got so far as to pull fabrics for the little pink houses. So that will move to my goals for the upcoming week. I was also able to pull fabrics for the RSC February Sampler Block #2, but have not yet put it together. That will also go on my goals list for next week.  Finally, I pulled one hundred 1-1/2 inch pink squares from my stash (I did have to cut a few of them) and got them all laid out for sewing…

I’ll try to put them together next week as well. They are stacked up and ready for chain piecing when I get the chance. I only put 25 blue squares together for the January postage stamp, so I’m going to have to go back and get out some more blue 1-1/2 inch squares and put them together to make the 25 square block into a 100 square block. Once I have those put together this year, I can probably get them into a lap quilt for Ronald McDonald House.

That’s about all I’ve done with pinks this month. I will be linking up with Angela at SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Head over to see the great pink projects for February. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Looking Ahead to a New Week

I’m looking forward to a new week. Since I wasn’t feeling well for a big portion of last week, I’m hoping for a very healthy one this week. Plus, Valentine’s Day is Saturday! Not that we do much for it, but it’s still something to look forward to.

First, let’s take a look at my design wall…

Those pretty blocks are from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler Blocks for which Angela at So Scrappy provides instructions. The blue blocks were from January, and the pink is from February. She just posted the second block for February, so another pink one will be up there soon (I hope!). This week I hope to complete a pink house block and a pink paper pieced cat for the RSC.

I’m also hoping to piece the blocks for my flannel quilt this week. I have 12 put together and 36 more to go. This probably won’t take me long to piece, so maybe I can get it done in a couple of days.

I also need to at least start on my goal for February for a Lovely Year of Finishes. I’m making the star blocks in the upper left corner of this quilt…

I’m figuring that will take most of one of my sewing days this week.

In the rest of the time, I hope to get some bee buttons sewn on my Beehive wall hanging, and do some quilting. This past week I became the Co-Chair for the Ronald McDonald House quilts that our quilt guild makes, so I have 7 at home right now that need to be quilted. I have batting for 4, so I’m hoping to get one or two quilted this week. I’m pretty excited to get something new put on the long arm.

That’s about it from here. I will be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Week in Review…

I was sick in the middle of the week, so I didn’t really get a lot done in the sewing room. However, before I got sick, I did complete the last 17 blocks of the flannel quilt, so I’m counting 1.25 yards of fabric used. None came in.

Stash Report Week 6 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            5.75 yards

Added in 2015:          2 yards

Total net used 2015: 3.75 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

I’ve changed things up a bit with how I’m counting my stash out. You can read more about it in this post. It’s giving ME a more accurate account of how I am using up the fabric in my sewing room. I will be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for this week’s Stash Reports.

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I was also able to do a bit of work on Block 2 of HocusPocusVille…

Not much more done than last week, but I only spent a little time on it. Hopefully I can get it finished soon and move on to Block 3. I will be linking up at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

I also received these cute bee buttons in the mail and will put them on my Beehive wall hanging I completed in January.

Friday, I was finally feeling better and was able to complete the first February sampler block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

You can read more about that process here, and unfortunately that was all I was able to complete for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I’m hoping for a better week upcoming!

I hope you had a great week, and I’m looking forward to the week ahead!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marley vs. Me…

Last weekend I collected all the pinks in my stash. These are the fabrics I am going to use for February’s RSC…

From my backings and scrapping pile, I found some pinks and cut out my large hexies for a future project…

Then this happened…

I had intended to do a bit in the sewing room this week, but got waylaid on Wednesday and Thursday; first by the cleaning bug and then by a stomach bug. Not fun…either one, really. So, I didn’t do all I had planned for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week.

On Thursday afternoon, when I thought I was feeling a bit better, I tried to piece the Marley block through a splitting headache. Ugh. Not good. I missed points, cut off points; anything you can imagine doing wrong, I did wrong. This was the result…

Looking at the photo it doesn't look too bad, but in real life it has cruddy seams, cut off points…and that was after ripping out some seams and re-stitching. Hmmm. Triangles and I don’t get along at the best of times, so this was pretty rough. So, I decided to try Marley Take 2 and I just cut out all the pieces to the block, including the Sawtooth Star, and leave it until Friday when I hoped to feel better.

So Friday afternoon I did feel better, so I started in stitching on Marley again. As I said, triangles and I don’t get along, but after ripping and re-stitching more than once, I got it done. At least done enough for me…

And it looks very pretty up next to its blue brothers on my design wall…

So that was all I got done on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week. I may or may not be able to do some sewing this weekend and work on RSC projects. We have been working on fixing up the bathroom and I think this weekend will really be some construction that my husband is doing and all I’ll be good for is moral support. So, we’ll see.

I will be linking up at So Scrappy for the first February Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up party. Stop by and see the lovely projects everyone is working on.

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

This is what is on my Design Wall…

These are 12 blocks of the flannel quilt I’m making for our trailer. I have 31 blocks done so far, but these 12 have been sewn together and are on the wall. I have 17 more blocks to make, so that is one of my goals for February. In fact, that is really my goal for this week…finish those 17 blocks, then get them all put together in a top. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get it sandwiched and quilted this week. This needs to be done by May when we are going to start our camping season.

My goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes for February is to complete the star block and star triangle block in the upper left corner of the Times and Seasons quilt…

This is going to get weird here because to make the quilt, there is a lot of overlapping from other blocks with applique, so there will be more added to this later on when I complete adjacent blocks. But for now, my official goal is to complete the star blocks. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on that next week.

I also plan to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for February. The color of the month is pink, so I have a stack of pinks from my fabric shelves to work with this month. I will continue to work on the same projects as last month…the trees for the Rainbow Forest; paper pieced cats; Angela’s Sampler blocks; complete one pink house block and small border houses; a postage stamp block; and work on large and small hexies. Lots to do with it, but each one doesn’t take too long, so I think I can touch on them all this month. For this week I plan on putting together a large house block, a paper pieced cat, and the first February Rainbow Sampler block.

I will also continue to work on some stitching projects in February. I will try to spend Fridays working on stitcheries, including the HocusPocusVille blocks; the February block for the Vintage Kitchen BOM at Jenny of Elefantz; and a couple of old projects I’ve had around the house that I would like to complete this year…one is needlepoint and one is a crewel embroidery.

There are just a couple of other items I would like to spend some time on this month. I would like to get some work done on a hand quilting project that has been ready to go since the fall (oh my!). It’s this top I made from 9 patch blocks that my grandmother made…

Gotta get that done! I also would like to spend a little time putting together some potholders for the house and the trailer. I think some Easter/spring potholders would be great for the house and I have some camping themed fabric that would work for the trailer. I have loads of thinsulate, so I think I’m all set.

I guess that’s about it for February. It’s a short month, but lots to do. We’re also working on a bathroom re-do so I know some of my sewing time will be spent painting and laying tile. But it will be nice when it’s done!

I will be linking up at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday, and at Sew BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts for the February ALYOF Goal Setting Party. Head over and see the great projects!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Already

I didn’t pick up any fabric this week…yay! I did use a bit though, so I was able to get back into the black on my Stash Report.

I (almost) completed this wall hanging…

It is all quilted, bound, has a label on it, and hanging sleeves. However, I’m waiting on some clay bee buttons to add to it to completely finish it. The background quilting is a small meander that I’m pretending is a little bee flight path. I’ll attach the buttons around the quilt top in the flight path and then I’ll hang it on the wall of my sewing room. I wrote more about it earlier this week in this post. That used up approximately 2.25 yards of my stash.

I also used up another yard making blocks for my flannel quilt. So, I’m counting 3.25 yards out this week.

Stash Report Week 5 of 2015:

Used in 2015:            4.5 yards

Added in 2015:          2 yards

Total net used 2015: 2.5 yards

Red means I added more than I used
Black means I used more than I added
Goal: Use more than I add

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I bound the beehive wall hanging, and I did a little bit of work on Block 2 of HocusPocusVille…

I hope to work some more on this today when the family is out of the house in the afternoon (they’re usually out of the house skating on Sunday afternoons, so it’s a good time for me to stitch in front of the TV!)

Looking back at January, I had a pretty busy month in the sewing room…

I participated in the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge for January. The color of the month was blue, and I was able to complete the Rainbow Sampler blocks, a hexie flower, a paper pieced cat, some trees for my Rainbow Forest, a postage stamp block, and I completed one of my blue house blocks from RSC 2014. I wrote more about these projects yesterday.

I also made quite a few blocks for my flannel quilt…

There are 12 blocks shown here on the design wall, but I have completed 31 so far. I have 17 more to go. This is for a cozy quilt for our trailer, and we now have reservations to go camping in early May, so I have a deadline! I’m pretty sure I can get it done in time.

Early in the month I was able to complete the January BOM for Jenny of Elefantz’s Vintage Kitchen project. I embroidered this cute little kitchen motif, which I wrote about in this post

I also met my January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. I completed the corner pinecone blocks of the Piecemakers Times and Seasons calendar from 1998.

Along with the swap block wall hanging and the HocusPocusVille block mentioned above, I had a busy (and productive) January!

I will be linking up over at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching; the Stash Report at Patchwork Times; and Lily’s Quilts for the Small Blog Meet. Head on over to see the wonderful projects everyone is working on.