Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for 2015

Yesterday I posted about my goals for the month of January, so today I’m going to look at the year ahead.

As always, I have many, many projects I want to work on, and I’m sure I will touch each one at least once this year; but there are some that I really want to focus on. So here goes…

For A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 I want to work through the 1998 Piecemakers Calendar, Times & Seasons. I talked about it yesterday, and since it’s a block of the month type project, I decided to work through it this year for ALYOF. I’m hoping to complete it by December. I shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple of days on each block, so I think this will not take up too much of my time.

For the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I plan on working on various projects. I will continue to make more hexie flowers in the color of the month, and hopefully I can start adding the grey “pathway” and start stitching them together. I will also continue to work on the house blocks I started for RSC 2014. I have been cutting up scrap fabric, so I have lots of 1-1/2 inch square scraps, so I plan on working on at least one postage stamp block in the color of the month for each month. I also found a cute tree block that would make a great Christmas quilt made out of all the colors for 2015. I’ll see if I get to that. Finally, Angela offers great tutorials on sampler blocks each month using the color of the month, so I would really like to make some of those. I know, that’s a lot, but really I don’t think it will be too bad. I’ll probably just spend one day a week working on RSC projects, and I’ll get done whatever I get done. I’m sure there will be some months that I don’t work on some of these items, but I’ll shoot for it.

Jenny of Elefantz is also starting an embroidery/quilt BOM for 2015. It is a Retro Kitchen theme, and I would like to work through that this year as well. I do like to have something to hand stitch while I’m hanging out with the family in the evening, so I think this will work out well. It is going to be a small wall hanging, so it shouldn’t be too much work, especially at one block per month. Also, a kitchen remodel is on the horizon for us, so this might be a nice place to start!

As for other goals for 2015, I have a few…

Complete Easy Street…I have to put borders on it and quilt/bind it. I have a set of piano key borders made to put on it; I just need to make it happen. So that’s on my list of To-Dos.

Finish a Halloween quilt…I have been working on a Halloween string quilt for much of 2014, and I would like to have it ready to throw on the couch by Halloween 2015. We have two Halloween quilts at the house, but one is starting to completely fall apart from use (that’s a good thing!). It may very well end up as a dog bed by this Halloween. My daughter will most likely be moved out of the house by Halloween, and since she is the one who used the quilt to pieces, maybe I can get this one done for her new home this year.

Flannel quilt…I was able to purchase some flannels at our guild garage sale last summer for about 50 cents a yard. They are great “camping” themed fabrics and I decided to make a quilt with them for my husband for our trailer. I have only just started this quilt, but would like to finish it before spring when we’re camping up in the Smoky Mountains.

I also would like to finish up some of my many UFOs (or Works in Progress, or whatever you like to call them), especially my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, Celtic Solstice and Grand Illusion (I already mentioned Easy Street). I have all the units finished up on Celtic Solstice, but have not started putting any blocks together. Gotta get that done. I also still have to finish building the rest of the units for Grand Illusion. It would really be great to have those two quilt tops done in 2015.

That’s about it for projects already in the works. There are a few projects I might start this year (like I need more quilts to work on!)…

Most months I’ll probably make a new mini quilt (and possible matching mug rugs) for the table top quilt stand. I have a few done, but there are some seasonal ones missing. J

I would like to figure out how to make this Labyrinth Walk quilt into a small wall hanging…

I would like to start on a Redwork project. For our guild, the December 2015 swap block is a Redwork block, and I’d like to get several blocks completed this year before then.

I also want to start on some Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. I have the honeycomb papers and the fabric to make them, and I even got this book for Christmas…I just need to find the time.

I have some signature swap blocks from an online group that I want to put into a wall hanging. I’m excited about making this, and I hope to get this done early in 2015.

I have some large (3-1/2 inch) hexagons cut out from my climb up Mt. Scrappy, so I think I would like to start putting them together into a scrappy quilt top. I have no clue what to do with it, but I’ll make it happen some time!

I also want to make a tumbler block quilt for my daughter, probably for Christmas. She saw one and really liked it. I may end up getting the AccuQuilt dye for the tumbler and use that. I’ll see when I can get to it.

That’s about all that is on my “A” list of To-Dos. Lots and lots to do, but I know I won’t get bored! I’m sure I won’t complete all of this…but if I complete some of it I’m ahead of where I’m at today. So, I’ll plug along and see what happens.

What do you have planned for the new year?

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