Thursday, January 29, 2015


My first finish of 2015…

This is a wall hanging from signature swap blocks from an online quilt group I belong to (The Beehive). It was fun to get the blocks from all over the US and Canada. I have never set blocks on point before (I hate triangles!), so it’s probably not the neatest setting; but I got it done (in my own way!). Just a note...I've whited out the names so that's why there are white streaks across each block.

I used this light grey thread to quilt a meander to simulate a bee’s flight path throughout the background…

This has become my new favorite thread for piecing, and it works very well in my machine for quilting also. It’s a 70 weight glazed cotton on a 6000 yard spool from Keepsake Quilting. I don’t have to worry about running out of thread! I received several spools of it for Christmas in neutral colors, so I’m set for sewing for quite a while.

I finished stitching down the binding on this wall hanging yesterday, then put on the hot fix crystals and nail heads for the bee eyes, but I’m not able to put it on the wall yet. I’m waiting on some bee buttons that I ordered earlier in the week. I ordered them from Wildflower Button Studio (previously known as Fastenation Studio). Once the buttons arrive I’ll attach them and then hang it up in my sewing room.

I’m so excited to have a finish!

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