Saturday, December 20, 2014

‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas…

…and all through the house…it’s so quiet for a Saturday! I’m home alone today (for the most part) so I get to play all day. Hubby and daughter are at ice show rehearsal and then they have two ice skating shows this afternoon and evening. They may pop in once or twice for a meal, otherwise it’s just the beasts and me on this Saturday before Christmas. I’m not going to the show…bad me…but it’s the way it’s been for years. Hubby is doing the same number with all the little bitty skaters that he’s done for years (he plays the Grinch) and daughter is coaching this year. Here they are the first year they did the holiday ice show (2006)...

So, they really don’t care if I am there or not. And believe me, I have spent MANY hours/days/years down at the ice rink and have seen MANY ice skating shows…enough to last a lifetime. So here I sit in the quiet of the lights of the Christmas tree...nice…

I was pretty productive this week in the sewing room. I was able to sort through (and straighten up) Mt. Scrappy…

Doesn’t it look nice? Here is how it started…

I have pulled a stack of fabrics out to work on totes and bags in 2015, plus I pulled out the small pieces to scrap up. Here they are…the pile in front on the right is for totes/bags and the one in front on the left are the small pieces that were in the pile…

Still a long way to go with Mt. Scrappy, but at least it’s a lot neater. J

I also picked up some storage containers to corral my projects that had taken over my sewing room tables (I have two sitting at right angles, plus a card table behind my sewing machine). You can read about it in this post from earlier this week, but suffice it to say, they are labeled and up and out of the way until I need them!

I was also able to get some blocks done for my December NewFO project. This is the final NewFO over at Cat Patches. I’m a little sad to see it go away, but I really don’t need to start more new projects! Anyway, I have a stack of flannels that I bought at our quilt guild garage sale this past summer, and so this week I started putting them together into very simple blocks…

These are in no particular order…I’ll move them around before I start putting them together. The block takes about ten minutes to piece, so I can whip out quite a few in a short time sewing. That’s been nice! I have many more to go, but I think this will be a quick project. I hope to have it done and ready to go into the trailer before we start our camping season this spring.

I also started organizing things for the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy. I’ve had a lot of 2-1/2 inch strips cut and tossed into a box, and I plan on using those in a project for the 2015 RSC. I sorted them out by color and now I have some strips to get me started…

I’ve also been tracing and cutting out hexagons for my hexie flower project (yes, I trace onto freezer paper and cut them out myself, rather than buying the pre-made – because I have SO MUCH freezer paper!) so those will be ready to go for the 2015 RSC as well.

Finally, Friday I was able to pick up some parts for my long arm at the local quilt shop. The machine I bought was the floor demo and it didn’t have the laser light attached in the store, so they needed to order me one. It also was missing the presser foot lever (for whatever reason, they never put it on), so they needed to order that as well. They moved their store location over Thanksgiving weekend, so they have been busy and the order was just received this week. So, my machine is now complete.

Today I will probably work on Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion mystery quilt, as well as cutting more paper hexies. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, so we’ll be celebrating that. I think that’s all I will worry about this weekend! Next week will probably see limited time in the sewing room, so I will just plan on family time and maybe some hand stitching while watching holiday movies. I think a break from the rotary cutter will do my hands good!

I will be linking up at So Scrappy for the RSC 2014 Link-up Party. Head over there to see all the lovely projects people have made this year from their scraps/stash, and what projects they plan to work on in 2015.

I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!


  1. Enjoy your quiet and relaxing day at home today.

  2. You are very well organised. I like your scraps all laid out ready for next year's RSC. Have a happy Christmas and a good New Year.

  3. Looks like you are getting all set up for 2015. I use those same storage containers for my quilts in progress. I am trying hard to limit myself to the number I have and finish a quilt to empty a bin before I start a new project. Have a nice home sewing day. Sounds like you won't be missed at the skating rink.

  4. It looks like you've been very productive week. Good luck with mount scrappy.

  5. Organizing always seems to take such a long time. Looks like you made really good progress.

  6. Looking good. I need to get my scraps under control, too. Can't believe this RSC year is almost over.

  7. Mt. Scrappy - giggle

    Merry Vhristmas to you and your family, too.

  8. Wow! Are you organized or what! Good for you!

  9. Good to sort and have the fabric looking better. Your blocks look great. Glad to hear you will be around for RSC 2015