Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I started off Monday morning with a cup of coffee (yes, I take a little coffee in my creamer!) and stitching down the binding on my snowmen wall hanging. Of course, my faithful companion was with me…

Yes, those are quilts she’s laying on. They are worn and torn and I will use them until they crumble apart…even if it’s as a dog bed. Plus my sweet girl is pretty old (almost 13) and it keeps her old bones cushioned and warm on the cold hard floor of my sewing room.

Anyway, this snowmen wall hanging is my December goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes and I’m excited to say that I finished it this morning with a cup of tea!

That’s my snowball label for the back. I kind of cheated and just brought the fabric from the back around to the front for the binding. I don’t usually do that on quilts, but I will do it on wall hangings that don’t get laundered. I really like the back of this wall hanging, with the red background and gold stars bursting…

And here is the final product hanging in the living room…

I am so glad this is done. I started it back in the spring and the top just sat around for months. It’s good to check it off the list. I will be able to link up with the ALYOF Finishes Party at the end of December.

In between the stitching yesterday, I was able to get some English muffins made…

and I did the various and sundry things around the house that always need to be done. I also got my daughter off on a business trip Monday evening, so I’ll have the house to myself this week (she works from home).

Before I was able to sit down and finish up the label for my wall hanging, I got the laundry going, did the dishes, exercised, and baked a cake for the quilt guild meeting this evening. Tonight is the Christmas dinner and UFO swap. I don’t have a UFO I want to give away, so I’m wrapping up some coordinated fabric to swap. I’m excited to see what I come home with!

Before I sat down here, I was able to load some more fabric onto the long arm…

This fabric was on the free table at our guild meeting several months ago and it looks perfect for practicing on the long arm. I don’t have another small quilt ready to put on it yet, so this will keep me busy until I’ve finished another project.

It’s a dreary and rainy day here, so I’m glad I have nowhere to go during the day today. The rest of the week will be filled with errands though. I’m off to get some lunch, then I may try to work some more on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery Grand Illusion in between my other afternoon household tasks. Then I’ll have to get presentable to leave the house!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day! Only 23 days until Christmas! Are you ready?

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