Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Week…

I didn’t accomplish much in the sewing room this week…at least as far as using the sewing machine goes. Let’s see what I did…

I did hand stitching on my hexies. I have seven blue hexie flowers done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I’ll be linking up with the RSC party here.

I have also been working on clearing out my scraps…very slowly! I’m trying to take at least one of my fabrics from my pile of backing and scrapping fabrics each day and scrap it up. I’m cutting off some to make a hexie flower, some 1-1/2 inch squares, and then the remainder of the fabric I am cutting into 2-1/2 inch strips, and 2-1/2 inch squares and half-square triangles. I hope to use the 1-1/2 inch squares for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2015, and the other squares and HSTs for my Split 9-Patch that I am (slowly) working on.

I have spent some time with my longarm every day. It is quite a change from FMQ on my home machine to using the longarm to quilt. I’ve been trying to get adjusted to the stitch regulator, which has been a little easier than I thought it would be. It is a bit jerky, but as long as I reduce the speed of the machine and don’t move it too fast, it runs quite smoothly and is easier to do than at its regular speed. After using the stitch regulator most of the week, I switched over to manual mode and it was really nice and smooth. The quilting actually looked pretty good! I’m still determined to become proficient with the stitch regulator on, but it’s nice to switch it off and just free motion quilt on my own. I really do like the longarm and I know it’s going to cut the time it takes me to do the quilting on a quilt. Oh, and I also wound my first bobbin! I’m amazed at how quickly it goes through a bobbin, though.

That’s about all the sewing I’ve done this week. I have been working on a knitting project and a cross stitch project; I got most of my Christmas shopping done; I’ve been cleaning up and picking up around the house; and I’ve been working on trying to organize myself for the upcoming year…a job that will never be done!

For next week, my hubby will be home all week so we’ll probably take a day or two to run around…either errands or fun, I don’t know which. I also need to get the house cleaned up for Thanksgiving and the impending decorating for Christmas; I tell you it’s a regular extravaganza around here for the holidays! We’ll be cooking the turkey on Wednesday then eating it and all the fixin’s on Thursday. Then next weekend will be Christmas decorations and the Iron Bowl on Saturday (that’s the Alabama-Auburn football game for those of you not in the Southeast) War Eagle! I have to say that because my daughter graduated from Auburn! One thing I will NOT be doing is Black Friday shopping. Ugh…I hate going out that day. It is not for me.

Anyway, I probably won’t get much of my own stuff done next week. I know Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt “goes live” on Friday, so I’ll look at that. I may or may not start working on it (I have my fabrics picked out). Otherwise, we’re just gonna light a fire in the wood stove, stick in some holiday movies, and enjoy each other. I hope you all stay safe and warm and for those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Great blue hexie flowers! Sounds like you have been very busy! Enjoy your time with family.

  2. Beautiful hexies. So glad you are taming your scraps. It is an ongoing process. Best of luck with the longarm quilting. It is a much easier way to finish a quilt.

  3. Sounds like you've got a good plan for taming the scraps. Looks like you should be ready for next year's challenge soon. Great light blue hexagon flowers.

  4. Your hexies are beautiful. Good work making a plan to conquer your fabrics!

  5. oh the delicate little blue flowers! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. Very pretty hexies! Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, sounds like you have a nice plan.

  7. I wish I had gotten more blue done than I did this month, but so many other projects, especially with Christmas coming on.