Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stash Report Week 43 of 2014

I made some more curtains with some of my stash, so I had 2.25 yards go out. Nothing came in – yay! - though I do plan on picking up some batting next week, so that may change if I venture near the fabric. ;)

This coming week my main goal is to finish piecing the top for Log Cabin Leaves. I only have three more rows to put together, then I would like to at least have one narrow-ish border added. I don’t know what other (if any) border I will add to it. But, I would really like to finish this one up soon…probably early 2015.

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report over at Patchwork Times. Head on over to see how everyone is using up their stash.

Used year to date:    38.25 yards
Used this week:         2.25 yards
Added year to date:  69.75 yards
Added this week:       0.0 yards
Total net used 2014: 29.25 yards

(green means I’ve bought more than I’ve used)


  1. Congrats on making curtains! I like the colors you are using in your log cabin leaf quilt.

  2. Fall must be curtain making time. I have seen a couple other bloggers who have made curtains this weekend too. You will have to post some photos.

  3. More in than out is always a good week.