Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What’s Happening This Week

By Monday I had all my red squares made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for July.

So, Monday was spent on constructing houses…

I was able to get both large house blocks done. The one on the left is oversized. I don’t know how that happened, but I’ll cut it down and it will be fine. I also made up a red border block, along with some border blocks from previous months. The two red hearts are also for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and are for a future applique project.

Tuesday was spent on laundry and canning. I was able to process 9 pints of pickles and 10 half-pints of blackberry jam. Here is the first batch of jam I made…

I have two more bags of blackberries in the freezer ready to make into jam, plus two very full gallon zipper bags in the freezer of whole blackberries. Plus, I have two quart size bags of blackberries in the refrigerator.

Today’s excitement will include freezing those blackberries that are in the fridge – I’ll have to clean some stuff out of the freezer to make them all fit. I’ll also need to do a bit of house cleaning and still more laundry. Along with that, I will try to get my other three red border house blocks built. If I feel really energetic, I’ll do some border blocks from previous months.

I’ll also try to get to cutting some strips for my (hopefully!) finish for my ALYOF goal for July…my strippy half square triangle quilt. Here’s where it stands now…

My goal for next week is to have the blocks all sashed and the top done. I don’t know if I will add a border to it, and if I do, what I’ll do for a border. I’ll wait and see what it looks like done.

That’s it from here. I hope your week is going well!

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