Friday, June 13, 2014

Lessons Learned

I’ve been sick this week, so I haven’t gotten a whole lot done. But, I was able to finish quilting and binding a mini quilt I made for my table top quilt stand.

The star is paper pieced and is from a pattern by Carolyn Cullinan McCormick in the current (#158) Quiltmaker magazine. I used red, white, and blue variegated thread for the quilting and I must admit that in theory I love the idea of variegated thread; in practice, not so much. I don’t like how the white thread disappears onto the white fabric on this.

It just makes the red and blue parts of the thread look like dirt or something on the white fabric. Had the entire thing been made from the blue and red fabrics it would have been fine. The colors just stick out on the white fabric, and not in a good way. However, overall, I like it and I’ll live with it.

I hope your month of June is going well. Mine is going too fast! I can’t believe it’s almost half over. I’ve barely made a dent in my goals list for June. Just not much sewing going on at the house so far this month. I hope your June is more productive!

By the way, Happy Friday the 13th!

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